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Swara BhaskarVarinder Chawla

Swara Bhaskar has grabbed all the spotlight in last few days for her open letter slamming Sanjay Leela Bhansali's Padmaavat.

And now, to put some salt on an open wound, Swara took to Twitter to write: "मुझे #limelight में रहना अच्छा लगता है, इसलिए मैं #controversy create करती हूं। p.s. i hate Balraj!!!!! @BalrajSyal"

What led to this? Well, according to a leading website, Swara shot for Colors show Entertainment Ki Raat and the source informed the portal that Balraj was roasting Swara for the open letter controversy and Swara told Balraj that she is not afraid of controversies but rather loves them. And what came next will surprise you -- Balraj dared to challenge her. And Swara accepted the challenge, according to the report in SpotboyE.

Well, well, and that's how Swara took to Twitter and wrote that status. Looks like this is all a joke for her and maybe a 'dare'! Because the actress got trolled even on this tweet. One user commented: "Lmao... Finally Yu accepted the truth", while her fans were not expecting such a tweet.

Raghu Ram immediately replied and said: "Hahaha! What a sport @ReallySwara! Respect #EntertainmentKiRaat"

For those who don't know, Swara Bhaskar in an open letter had criticised Sanjay Leela Bhansali by saying that she "felt like a vagina" after watching Padmaavat. While Swara had received both appreciation and backlash for the comments, Padmaavat co-writers, Siddharth-Garima released a strong response through an open letter again.

Talking to Indian Express, filmmaker Imtiaz Ali said: "Any kind of obstacle that comes in a film does not feel good. There's nothing in 'Padmaavat', which should cause any kind of protest but then everyone has their own opinion."

Rohit Shetty too spoke to the leading daily and said: "Let Padmaavat run peacefully. Please let it breathe. I will say something, then someone else will say something else, that way we will get this film, our film in some or the other trouble. Now, we have given it to the audience, so, let the audience watch and decide. It is doing a great business. The whole team has gone through a lot- Bhansali, Deepika, Ranveer, the whole team – they have endured a lot, so, let it remain with the audience now. What's the use if we start talking about what he said or she said. I will not say anything. Let the film breathe now, for God's sake."

Actor Suchitra Krishnamoorthi too wrote on Twitter: "Aren't these feminist debates on #Padmaavat rather dumb? It's a story ladies - not an advocacy of Jauhar for god's sake. Find another battle for your cause- a real one at all. Not historical fiction."

But for Sanjay Leela Bhansali, it was the most awaited release as a lot of money was at stake. "It is just an answer to the anguish that we all went through including me, the actors and the technicians. All of us were not being heard even after repeatedly saying that there is nothing wrong in the film. I realised that the best way of going ahead and fighting this is to make the film that is in my mind," Bhansali told PTI in an interview.

"I know I was troubled, I know I was distracted but deep inside, I found the strength to make the film and not let this anguish and disturbance reflect on the screen. In the last few months, I was constantly correcting, making creative touches and taking the film to the next level. That's the answer to all the objections that were based on rumours and a certain agenda that I could not understand."

Well, finally the film has released for the director and we are sure he must be relieved now.