Lee Min Ho and Suzy Bae
Singer Lee Min Ho Dating 'Miss A' Member Suzy Bae; Couple Holidaying in LondonFacebook

Lee Min-Ho and Suzy Bae's marriage rumours have been doing the rounds since the time they announced that they are dating. In March, there were rumours about the popular Kdrama's celebrity couple getting married, but Min-Ho and Bae dismissed the reports.

Min-Ho and Bae's marriage reports surfaced again, after the "City Hunters"  man said that he has matured and will be more responsible. "A man needs to protect his loved ones," he said adding that he hopes to get married to protect Bae.

Soon after this, there were reports that Min-Ho proposed to Bae in London and they also went out on a romantic date. However, the "Uncontrollably Fond" actress clarified that they were in London because of their professional work. Min-Ho and Bae were in London for their photo shoots.

"We did what normal couples would do. We were in London at the same time because our photo shoot schedules overlapped. We didn't do anything special, we drove and had meals," Bae said.

When asked about her getting married to Min-Ho, she told the Bitbag, "We have jobs to do. We will try to support each other. We will just have to do our best."

Bae might have denied the wedding rumours, but according to reports, they are among the top compatible couples. A compatibility test was conducted between the stars and the result was positive. According to Movie News Guide, Bae and Min-Ho are perfect for each other. Min-Ho and Bae compatibility result is the highest among Korean famous celebrity couples, reports stated.

Meanwhile, Min-Ho is busy with the shooting of a film, also starring Jun Ji Hyun. On the other hand, singer and actress Bae is focusing on the television drama series "Uncontrollably Fond."