The fans of Sushant Singh Rajput, who died by suicide, has trolled Bollywood actress Sonam K Ahuja for preaching sermons on Karma to those who are bullying celebs with an agenda.

Many people believe that Sushant Singh Rajput suffered from depression after Bollywood boycotted him. They are furious with nepotism in the film industry and have been targeting and trolling some filmmakers, actors, and star kids post his death. Salman Khan, Alia Bhatt, Sonam Kapoor, Karan Johar, Ekta Kapoor, Sanjay Leela Bhansali, and Mukesh Bhatt are some of these celebs, who have become victims of bullying.

Sonam K Ahuja and her quote on Karma
Sonam K Ahuja and her quote on Karma

Sonam K Ahuja took her Twitter page on Sunday to condemn this online bullying and preach sermons on Karma through a series of quotes featured on photos. The daughter of Anil Kapoor wrote, "Bullying, misguided vengeance, and the need to further your own agenda not caring about the collateral damage. This is all your karma. May god and the universe forgive you."

Sonam K Ahuja often gets trolled, whenever she voices her opinions on current affairs. Her Sunday post once again became fodder for the trolls. In reply to her, they said that she mocked talented Sushant on Karan Johar's TV show. She is in the film industry due to nepotism, it is her Karma that has ended most of her films dud at the box office. She needs to understand it and stop preaching others.

Here are some replies to Sonam Kapoor's latest tweet:

Quotes on Karma
Quotes on KarmaTwitter

Naman Sharma @namzcool4ya

Now, after bullying of Sushant & his demise, when public is going against Nepotism, she is now promoting KARMA, but not to forget ppl gonna kick @$$ of DHARMA

Harsh Raj @harshra28501317

Nepo kids. No sense of acting ... Only knows blabbering ... Think!!! If there was no 'Kapoor' at end of ur name?? That will be real struggle Peace out mam

Ria @ria_xoxo3

To avoid getting trolled, please just stop posting. The truth is you will never relate/understand what SSR went through. Nor do you need to. Just have some empathy and keep quiet when people are finally standing up for the very prevalent nepotism issue that exists today.

Neelu Sharma @neelusharma1

Hahahaha Everyone is born at a perfect place You people just value money Money bag And for your information you are rich because of all of us No one in this world can even watch you on screen for a minute Seems she is completely lost herself I pity on his joker husband

Nilesh Sharma @NdadhichNilesh

U insult ppl in Karan show first of all u should know ur nothing as an actor That's the reason all ur films are flop as karma got u

Pratik Rajput @prateek4u09

कर्मा u mean ananya pandey acting and she deserve for award ??? This is not karma it's called nepotism also so many example like suraj pancholi varun dhawan arjun kapoor....etc

Aashish Vashist @AashishVashist7

And according to your karma, you laughed when Karan Johar asked you about Sushant's hotness in Cofee with Karan! You reacted like you dont know him! Clap

Shashi Chandra @onlyme_shashi

Yes karma is the best player who play with life on the basis of the work that any one is doing in everyday life. Karma will come to you also sooner or later but it gonna come to you. Karma comes to everyone rich or poor and it can't be partial and it won't see nepotism & all shit

Atull k Anand @atyiee

Apni galti ka realisation ho gaya aap ko didi jao abb sushaant ki family se maafi maang lo.