The year 2021 had been a challenging year for the Indian cinema industry. Off late we have been hearing a lot of actors who have succumbed to death. A few hours ago, in a shocking turn of events, well-known actor Sandeep Nahar, who worked in Kesari and MS Dhoni: The Untold Story, died by suicide at Mumbai home Goregaon. 

The actor took to his Facebook account and posted a painful note before he took his life. 

Sandeep Nahar, co-star of Sushant Singh Rajput dies by suicide in Mumbai

The actor wrote a lengthy note on Facebook, stating that he would die by suicide. He also attached a video of himself talking about his life and just how he was suffering at both personal and professional levels. 

Written in Hindi, the note mentions personal issues. He also wrote that none of his family members should be made responsible for his decision.

Sandeep Nahar

The actor said that he might take an adverse step to end his life as he is quite exhausted coping with the  Nahar stated that he and Kanchan fight almost daily on petty issues, and in turn, it is affecting his professional life. Sandeep also said that if he takes a step to end his life, his family shouldn't be blamed, as Kanchan might try to frame them because she hates them.

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#Suicide #note now I don't feel like living. I have seen a lot of happiness and sorrow in life. I have faced every problem, but the trauma I am going through today is out of tolerance. I know that I commit suicide, I also had to live, but what is the benefit of living in such a way that I can know, and there is no self-respect.. my #wife Kanchan Sharma and his mother Vinu Sharma who did not understand me and tried to understand my #wife She is of hyper nature, her personality is different, mine is different which does not match at all. Every day's kalesh, morning, evening, just my kalesh, now I can't bear this... There is no fault of #Kanchan because his nature is like this, he seems everything is normal, but for me, this is not normal now. I have been in Mumbai for many years. I have seen an awful #time, but it never broke.# Bouncer remained #dubbing's #gym #trainer.. 6 people used to struggle in one room kitchen, but I was peaceful. I have achieved a lot today.. but I am not at peace after marriage today. Life has changed completely for 2 years, and I can't even share these things with anyone. The world thinks about how good they are going because they all see our social posts or stories which are all lies. I put it on his saying. To make the world look good, I put the image good, but the truth is the opposite. I am not made at all. Kanchan keeps talking about suicide more than 2 times in 2 years, and I will trap you. See, today I have to take this step, she fights with the past, doesn't respect me, and abuses my family. Those who talk bad about me every day, listen to me, now it is out of my mind. There is no fault of her because she is sick of the brain. I want no one to say anything to her after I leave.. because He will never realize his mistake. Just get him treated. So that after my departure, those who have this happiness in their life.. don't give any problem to my family after my departure. I want to say thanks to my mummy because she gave me everything I wanted to Fulfil my dream of becoming an actor ❤️ Whatever I am today is because of them. I know if you all are saying why don't I win for them. I would have won if I was single I know you need bravery to live, but now I apologize to my mom for every moment when I did her I came here to make her feel proud in pain. I wanted to do something for them by becoming something else, but my one mistake, marriage changed my life. Now I don't feel like living. I can bear every stress with money and work, but this woman's kalesh can't be tolerated.. and Mumbai has given me a lot of work. I want to thank this Maya Nagari too. There is a lot of politics in this Maya Nagari Bollywood. They eat up your time by giving your hope and later replace it with the project. After everything is done, after the agreement, people here are also very practical. No emotion, show off. We live in life.. that was a good time when there were raw houses, people used to have love, everyone seems to be our own, nowadays everyone looks like an angel even after being our own. living alone in the crowd is also an art.. of Kalyug There is a distance, the one who does wrong is the king, happy.. by behaving well with honesty, people think you are small, salute those who have an attitude, it is a different matter.. not the heart ❤️ to live now.. please No one should say anything to Kanchan after my departure. He has a lot of anger and doesn't know how to scream, he lives in his imaginary life, if he doesn't do so, he is sick of the brain, and if all this goes out of it, then everything in his life Let it be good, and he can keep others happy, but I don't have his understanding at all. It is raw in my ear. Anyone provokes him. I don't understand which thing should not be heard, but I have to take the effect of everything. .. My mother-in-law is behind filing police case on everything. I also got separated in February to get some space so that my mind relaxes and Kanchan spends time with me, and she realizes her mistakes, I also focus on work. Even then, mother-in-law opened her legal book and started talking about getting me inside that she ran away after marrying my daughter. This is the limit. No person wants to understand. I am in Kanchan Mumbai for 10 years. I brought her from Punjab.. then she says I lived with her for 10 years and yes, someone should learn from her how to change and lie. Their daughter also turns away from lying, now who can prove a liar as truth. She fights for my past, but she is in touch with her special ones till today. That is the only thing that she does not see her own shortcomings. I don't have any problem even if you talk because life is with whom you feel good, you will talk. Obviously, don't taunt me every day for my past. Collect the one who is close to the chopper, fight for those who have no existence. It's wise. Actually, I am a villain in Kanchan's storytelling, she thinks very bad about me, and her friends tell everyone about me as if I am not a human being, a monster or a ghost. Anyway, I came to Kanchan with threats from my mother-in-law. The same hell life, the same kalesh, the same taunting, the thing I have fought 1000 times, the same repeat telecast is on every day. This is also true. The rider is hell, the matter starts after marriage and this marriage in 2019, she was hanging her by threatening to die and stubbornness. I also felt that there is no one for the poor girl. I didn't know what happened to me, and I will be so heavy that it will break me every day, I don't have any value or importance, what happened to me never counts... this heaven or hell, that feeling comes only after marriage. Still, I have been suffering hell for 2 years. Now I can't bear it anymore if I have hurt someone knowingly and unknowingly ❤️ then forgive me with folded hands, be happy and keep others and life If you want to live yourself, give it to others. You can't get love by keeping someone in prison with stubbornness, and you can get love with love. I haven't heard that people don't die by being alone because of getting married or not, but I have seen many people die because of getting married wrongly

I would have committed suicide a long time ago, but I gave myself time to be alright. I always motivate me. Fasting is the same. I am stuck in this chakarview. There is no way to get out other than this. Now, this step is for me. I have to take it here, there is a lot of hell in this life, maybe after leaving here, how will be the life, I don't know, but I know so much that I will take that face I have a request, don't say anything to Kanchan after I leave. Make sure to get your brain treated .

His wife, Kanchana Sharma

A case has been lodged, and the matter is being probed. 

Mumbai police said Nahar died, allegedly by suicide, at his residence in Mumbai's Goregaon area. "A case has been lodged, and the matter is being probed."

Nahar, who was in his 30s was found unconscious at his flat in suburban Goregaon by his wife Kanchan and friends, who took him to SVR Hospital, news agency PTI reported quoting an unnamed police officer. Doctors at the hospital declared him dead on arrival, the police said.

Sushant Singh Rajput's 'M S Dhoni' co-star Sandeep Nahar dies by suicide; shares a note on Facebook

The police said they are waiting for the post-mortem report and investigation is on.

Sandeep Nahar who rose to fame with Kesari and MS Dhoni: The Untold Story. He was also part of Alt Balaji's Kehne Ko Hum Safar Hain and few more.

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On June 14, last year, his co-star from the film MS Dhoni, Sushant Singh Rajput, allegedly died by suicide. 

May his soul rest in peace.