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The mystery behind Sushant Singh Rajput's death has prompted many people to demand a CBI inquiry. While the post mortem report of the Kai Po Che actor has said that he died by suicide, many people believe that he was murdered.

This has given rise to conspiracy theories around the actor's death. Sushant was found hanging by the ceiling but people argued that how come a bedsheet could be so strong to hold almost 78 kgs person onto it. Many even suspected the mark on his neck saying that it couldn't be caused by the cloth.

The police had found medical prescriptions in Sushant's room and it was then revealed that the actor was suffering from depression and undergoing treatment at the Hinduja hospital in Mumbai.

And if the latest report in Navbharat Times is to be believed, a top police officer has reportedly informed the Hindi daily that Sushant was apparently suffering from two dangerous illnesses of depression, Paranoia and Bipolar disorder.

The Bandra Police have interrogated at least 30 people in connection with Sushant's death. According to the police officer, so far, no evidence of any kind of professional conspiracy has been found by anyone in this case. He said that the entire case is about suicide adding that 'We have almost reached that conclusion as to why Sushant committed suicide'.

The officer said that Sushant was admitted to the Hinduja hospital for a week before the lockdown was imposed across the country. He was being treated for Paranoia and Bipolar disorder, he mentioned.

Sushant's mother had undergone long treatment for depression

Sushant Singh Rajput, mother
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During the investigation, it has come to light that Sushant's mother, who died when the actor was 16-years-old, was also suffering from depression and undergoing long treatment.

According to the officer, Sushant has four sisters. Most of them got married and his father lives in Bihar. The actor reportedly felt lonely despite all the engagements in Bollywood which was apparently revealed by some witnesses during an investigation. It also revealed that Sushant did not face any kind of financial crisis.

Explaining how a person suffering from paranoia and bipolar behaves, the officer said, "Paranoia is a disease of doubt. It takes time for a human being that everyone is hating him. Sometimes in solitude, he also feels that someone is going to kill him too. In the condition of bipolar disorder, the sufferer's mood turns alternately into opposite states. Sometimes he is suddenly under stress, sometimes his confidence increases. After this, he again becomes very quiet or lost. Many times in this disease, a person is unable to control his behavior even if he wants to."

The report also quoted popular psychiatrist Harish Shetty about the disease saying, "Just as many heart patients do not recover and die despite being admitted to the ICU, not all patients with mental illnesses survive. Some of them commit suicide."

International Business Times, India, could not independently verify the said report.