"Survivor" Season 33 is expected to premiere in September.
"Survivor" Season 33 is expected to premiere in September.Facebook/survivor

Fans of "Survivor" still have a long wait before the upcoming Season 33 premieres. However, we have got some amazing news regarding the cast and location of Seasons 33 and 34 to keep you updated.

In what is becoming a trend for "Survivor" now, Seasons 33 and 34 were shot back-to-back at the same location, with the latter being held back until February 2017. As most fans would have already guessed, Season 33 will premiere in September, most possibly on Wednesday, the 21st.

According to Inside Survivor, both seasons were shot in the Mamanuca Islands of Fiji. Mana Island, one of the 20 islands on Mamanuca, was taken over by the production crew from February 2016.

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This news was confirmed in September 2015, when Bula Wedding Creations wrote on their Facebook page they would not be able to arrange any Honeymoon packages to the island due to the filming of "Survivor." This was reportedly confirmed by booking websites such as Trip Advisor.

Meanwhile, another Inside Survivor article revealed the contestants for Season 33. While this list has not been confirmed by CBS yet, the website has a history of predicting the right contestants before all seasons, even if they aren't popular, much like this time. The website has also mentioned that the new season will be called "Survivor: Millennials vs Gen X."

Here is the list of prospective contestants for "Survivor" Season 33:

Adam Klein, 24 – Homeless shelter manager

Hannah Shapiro, 25 – Comedian/writer

Jessica Figueroa, 21 – Bartender/radio work

Justin Starrett, 26 – Realtor

Mari Takashashi, 31 – YouTube host

Michaela Bradshaw, 24 – Sales

Michelle Schubert, 28 – Missionary recruiter

Taylor Stocker, 24 – Ski instructor

William Wahl, 18 – Student/Missionary

Zeke Smith,28 – Comedian/writer

Bret LaBelle, 41 – Sergeant

Chris Hammons, 37 – Attorney

Ciandre Taylor, 39 – Insurance claims

David Wright, 41 – Writer

Jessica Blain-Lewis, 37 – Attorney

Kenneth McNickle, 33 – Massage therapist/model

Lucy Huang, 41 – CEO Iron chef/bodybuilder

Paul Wachter, 51 – Boat captain

Rachel Ako, 37 – Recruiting director

Sunday Burquest, 45 – Pastor