Castaways of the most special edition of CBS's "Survivor" are people that have gotten a unique chance at winning the reality show and bagging a million dollars. The contenders playing "Survivor: Cambodia" have lived this life before and it is not only a matter of pride for these contestants, but also a way for them to prove to fans that their votes were not for nothing.

So far, a few contestants have been able to change themselves, and gain the trust of their fellow tribe members, while a few others were sent home at the first sign of weakness. But despite being unable to show actual proof of loyalty and being an immense physical threat, Woo got himself another week in the island, thanks to Abi's benevolence.

At the last tribal council, Woo promised his fellow-castaways in the Angkor tribe that he would remain loyal to them, and his appeal reached Abi's ears. Despite Jeff's emotional appeal, he got voted out. Does Abi regret her decision?

In the upcoming Episode 5, we see Abi facing the camera and saying if Woo writes down her name one more time, she will take him down. Although it doesn't look like Woo will try to stay with the majority – Abi, Tasha and Andrew – there is no way to tell how loyalties may dip in just a matter of days. In the last episode, we did see Tasha mentioning Abi is like a ticking time bomb and how there is no way for anyone to predict what she may do next.

If Angkor is to be sent to tribal council again, there is no reason why Tasha and Andrew wouldn't get rid of the said ticking time bomb. If that is the case, Abi made a poor decision in sending Jeff home, seeing as he was loyal to her.

Meanwhile, the Ta Keo tribe has already decided on reaching the finals together. While they seem quite confident in their numbers, here are our predictions for the Top 5:

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Kelley Wentworth
Woo Hwang
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Watch out for Season 31 Episode 5 of "Survivor: Cambodia" at 8.00 pm (EST) on Wednesday, 21 October. You can also live stream "A Snake in the Grass" via CBS Live.