"Survivor" season 31 episode 3 will be aired by CBS on Wednesday, 7 October. This season has been special in many ways and the coming episode will keep up with the trend by separating the castaways way before they are expected to be put into three groups.

In the previous episode of "Survivor: Cambodia", we saw the old-schoolers learning to play the game like their new-schooler counterparts, especially Jeff. He told his peers that he wants the old-schoolers to get into the game and got them to join forces against Spencer and Shirin, who have both been plotting rather than connecting with their fellow tribe members.

Bayon continued its winning streak in the previous episode also, and took home camp tools for its tribe. In Ta Keo, we saw the camp treating Abi-Maria almost exactly like Shirin was treated during her first tenure as a castaway in "Worlds Apart". The ironic bit being that Shirin is among the alienators this time around.

As Mike offered Shirin support, Terry went out to lend his support to Abi-Marie, which also led them to become allies in the impending vote out. As predicted by Terry, Shirin was sent home and Spencer promised his tribe-mates that rather than creating alliances, he will try to connect with them as human beings.

However, it may be too late for that now, because in the upcoming episode we will see the tribes getting further split up into three and none of the alliances from the last two episodes might end up in the same tribe.

Watch out for episode 3 of "Survivor: Cambodia" on CBS at 8.00 pm (EST) on Wednesday, 7 October. You can also live stream "We Got a Rat" via CBS Live.