CBS Shows premiere dates
CBS Shows premiere datesFacebok/CSI, Supergirl, The Big Bang Theory, Mom, The Good Wife

The fall television season may still be far away, but fans of popular shows are eagerly awaiting their favourite sit-coms, reality shows and dramas. CBS has already announced the release dates for all their TV shows returning for the upcoming season.

Here is the list of shows and their premiere dates for CBS fall television season:

21 September

"The Big Bang Theory" (8pm )
Although the series' season 9 will start airing on Mondays at 8pm (EST), it will return to its regular air day on Thursday from 5 November.

"Life Pieces" (8.30pm )
The premiere of "Life Pieces" season 1 will also be moved to Thursday's at 8.30pm (EST) after debuting on Monday, 2 November.

"Scorpion" (9pm)
Season 2 of the CBS drama series will premiere on Monday, 21 September, at 9pm (EST).

"NCIS: Los Angeles" (10pm)

The military and police procedural drama will return to CBS with season 7 on Mondays at 10pm (EST).

22 September

"NCIS" (8pm)

The police procedural drama series set on a Naval Criminal Investigative Service, will return with season 13 on Tuesday, 22 September, at 8pm (EST).

"NCIS: New Orleans" (9pm)

The police procedural drama will follow its parent show on Tuesdays, starting 22 September, at 9pm (EST).

"Limitless" (10pm)

The drama series based on Bradley Cooper's movie by the same name will premiere on 22 September at 10pm (EST).

23 September

"Survivor" (8pm)

Season 31 of the reality show "Survivor" will start airing on Wednesday, 23 September at 8pm.

25 September

"The Amazing Race" (8pm)
"The Amazing Race", the reality game show will return with season 27 on Friday, 25 September at 8pm (EST).

"Hawaii Five-0" (9pm)
The police procedural drama will start airing season 6 from Friday, 25 September at 9pm (EST).

"Blue Bloods" (10pm)
The CBS's yet another police procedural drama, "Blue Bloods" will come back on air with season 6 on Friday, 25 September at 10pm (EST).

26 September

"48 Hours" (10pm)
The documentary/news magazine series, will return with season 27, on 26 September at 10..00 pm (EST).

27 September

"60 minutes" (7.3 pm)
The news magazine television program "60 Minutes", will return to CBS on 27 September at 7.30pm (EST).

"CSI: Crime Scene Investigation" (9pm)
The 15-year-old series is coming to it finale after the coming season, which will start on Sunday, 27 September at 9pm (EST).

30 September

"Criminal Minds" (9pm)
The procedural drama series "Criminal Minds" will start airing season 11 with the premiere at 9pm (EST) on 30 September.

"Code Black" (10pm)
The medical drama series will premiere on CBS on Wednesday, 30 September at 10pm (EST).

4 October

"Madam Secretary" (8pm)
The political drama series will return to CBS on Sunday, 4 October at 8pm (EST).

"The Good Wife" (9pm)
Julianna Margulies-starring legal and political drama will return to CBS with season 7 on 4 October at 9pm (EST).

"CSI: Cyber" (10pm)
The police procedural drama will come back on SBC with season 2 on 4 October at 10pm (EST).

26 October

"Supergirl" (8.30pm)
The superhero show "Supergirl", which focuses on Superman's cousin, will premiere on 26 October at 8.30pm (EST), but will move to Mondays at 8pm (EST) slot from 2 November.

5 November

"Mom" (9pm)
Anna Faris and Allison Janney will return to CBS with season 3 of "Mom" on 5 November at 9pm (EST).

"Angel From Hell" (9.30pm)
The upcoming fantasy sitcom "Angel From Hell", will premiere on CBS on Thursday, 5 November, at 9.30pm (EST).

"Elementary" (10pm)
The crime drama series will return with season 4 on Thursday, 5 November, at 10pm (EST).