Sivakumar has landed in a controversy for smacking down a fan's mobile.PR Handout

Sivakumar, who was trolled recently for bursting out with anger for taking a selfie in public and smacking a man's mobile, has displayed the other side of him again. The veteran actor has identified the person named Rahul and presented him with a new cell phone.

As per the reports, Sivakumar has given a mobile priced at Rs 21,000, while issuing an apology for knocking his mobile. Moved by his gesture, Rahul has now come before the media and thanked the actor for his lovely gesture, thus putting an end to the controversy.

Sivakumar was attending an event and was about to cut a ribbon when a fan tried to take a selfie. The actor was upset with his gesture and knocked down the mobile.

The video went viral and Sivakumar's behaviour came under severe criticism from the media. Later, he released a statement stating that he was upset with those who were taking selfies without his consent.

"Taking selfies is something that involves the own interests as it might be something to relish with memories across your vacations and celebratory moments. I have no allegations or claims to make upon one's personal interests. But when it comes to treating a socialite or a celebrity, it shouldn't be the same there, where they deserve their privacies and respect too. It happened that from the moment I stepped out of the car and walked into the venue that was occupied with 200-300 people, I felt little disappointed to see around 20-25 people clicking selfies by pushing the volunteers and guards who accompanied me there.

He added, "What I personally feel is that it is a courtesy to ask any celebrity or any person before they start clicking photos with them. A celebrity cannot be treated or taken for granted as a public property. I am someone, who has never hesitated to take photos at airport and any gatherings with hundreds and thousands of people," Behindwoods quotes him as saying.