Suriya and Asin were a popular jodi at some point of time. Thanks to the success of Vel and Ghajini, filmmakers were keen on repeating the combo again and again. But an incident strained their friendship and they did not work thereafter.

Asin, Suriya and Jyothika
Asin, Suriya and Jyothika.PR Handout

Following the success of Ghajini, Suriya had reportedly recommended Asin's name for his romantic drama Sillunu Oru Kaadhal. The actress was approached to play one of the two female leads in the N Krishna-directorial film.

Asin's Demand
Rumour mills had claimed that Asin had agreed to work on the condition that she would accept only if there were changes made to her character. In other way, the 34-year old wanted more scenes and song in the film and getting insecure over Jyothika getting more importance. However, this did not go well with Suriya and the team members, who eventually replaced her with Bhumika Chawla.

I'm sure that the Aishu character in SOK is much better than what Asin did in Majaa or Sivakasi
Talking about Asin turning down the offer, angry Suriya, in an interview, said that Asin was paid huge amount as advance and her role was better than what she did in Vijay's Sivakasi and Vikram's Majaa.

"I don't want to rake up old issues. Asin had initially agreed to do the film and my producer, director and cameraman had met her in her house at Kochi and given her a huge advance. Later she backed out saying that the script has to be re-written.

Asin and Suriya
Asin and Suriya.PR Handout

Will any self respecting director change his script? I'm sure that the Aishu character in SOK is much better than what Asin did in Majaa or Sivakasi. Let's not talk about it anymore, as bygones are bygones. I feel that Bhoomika has done an outstanding performance as Aishu."

Asin's Refusal became a Good Decision
Upon release, the film met with mixed reviews with some critics lashing it out at the way Bhumika Chawla's role was written. In fact, Asin refusing to work in the project turned out to be a good decision in the end.