In an explosive revelation that has come after almost two years, the video of India's 2016 surgical strikes in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir has been revealed. The video not only proves that these strikes were indeed carried out but also showcases the valour of the Indian Army.

The strike carried out by the Indian Army was a six-hour long operation and came after the gut-wrenching Uri attack in September 2016, which claimed the lives of 18 jawans. The surgical strikes involved several commandos and choppers, resulting in the death of 38 terrorists and two Pakistani soldiers. No Indian casualties were reported.

Indian Army tank
(Representational Image)Wikimedia Commons

The video released on Wednesday, June 27, by Times Now was captured on the UAV and shows images of Indian soldiers blowing up one target after another. A few terrorists can also be seen on the Indian land and sources told the channel that about 35-70 terrorists were killed in the strike that night. 

The UAV video shows about eight targets that the Indian Army had mapped out and each one can be seen being ripped apart by the strikes. 

While the strikes garnered massive appreciation from several quarters, there were many who questioned these strikes and said that these were all lies made up by the BJP government. Now that the proof of the strikes is out, one cannot help but wonder if the Congress and everyone who doubted these strikes will apologize.  

Speaking of the surgical strikes, Lt Gen DS Hooda (Retd), the former northern army commander told Times Now: "There was disappointment when someone questioned it. We don't lie, we are honest."

What the Opposition had said

Many Opposition leaders had slammed and doubted these strikes and Congress member Sanjay Nirupam had infamously called the attack "fake."

The doubts didn't stop there. Congress spokesperson Randeep Surjewala had added: "Blinded by political vote garnering out of the blood and sacrifice of our soldiers, Parrikar is unabashedly lying and misleading the people of India." He had also slammed the BJP government and accused it of "converting national security into an event management exercise to polish the image of Prime Minister Narendra Modi."

"We urge the ruling dispensation to show maturity and gravitas in handling such crucial issues of national security and sacrifice of our soldiers," said Surjewala.

Meanwhile, CPI (M) leader Suneet Chopra believes that this is the BJP's polls strategy and told the news channel: "They should have shown these videos earlier. They were waiting for elections."

How the surgical strike was carried out 

  1. The operation begins around 12.30 am 
  2. Several commandos are airdropped at the LoC, and they cross over to the Pakistani side.
  3. Commandos enter about three kilometers across the Line of Control 
  4. The forces carry out strikes in Bhimber, Hotspring, Kel and Lipa sectors.
  5. The Indian forces destroy eight targets
  6. As per official records, about 38 terrorists and two Pakistani soldiers are killed. No Indian casualties.
  7. Strike said to have ended at about 6.30 am

How did the strikes help? 

 Strangely, the Janata Dal (United) has questioned the central government on how the surgical strikes helped and said that instances of ceasefire violations by Pakistan have increased since. The party had earlier lauded the strikes. 

"When the government announced that surgical strike has been done, we had supported it. In spite of surgical strike, there has been an increase in ceasefire violations by Pakistan. Now, it is for the government to take a view of what surgical strike achieved," JDU leader Pawan Kumar told ANI. 

Soon after the videos were out, all social media platforms were abuzz with conversations around the topic.