"Surgeon Simulator," the simulation surgery video game from developer Bossa Studios, received a new update that lets its players operate upon none other than the Presidential hopeful from the Republican Party, Donald Trump.

The new update uses the current political situation in the United States, which is soon going to vote for a new president, with a recent poll showing Trump being more popular than his Democrat rival Hillary Clinton. Trump, however, has the attention of a sizeable number of haters who keep him in public eye as much as his supporters do. 

The update will bring Trump to the surgical table, letting players operate upon his body, make heart transplants and vote for him. The developer would also be tracking players if they performed the transplant and if it was a gold-hearted one or a stone-hearted transplant. Currently 40 percent of the players have chosen a gold heart for Trump while 60 percent have given him a stone heart transplant, according to the swingometer on the website.

"A brand new heart transplant operation. Donald Trump is the patient, you are the surgeon. Cast your vote via surgery – will you give him a heart of gold, or a heart of stone??" reads the post on the official website.

The post says players will have new medical items like Trump Vodka, Trump Steak, Trump Tower and several other "Trump-related surprises." The game also includes make-up kit and will note how much players are ready to spend on this surgery.

The Donald Trump update is free for "Surgeon Simulator Anniversary Edition" owners. Those players who own "Surgeon Simulator 2013" can also upgrade to "Surgeon Simulator Anniversary Edition" for a discounted price that would be available for a limited time.