The BCCI have sought permission of the SC to review the Lodha Panel reccomendationsReuters

The Supreme Court of India has considered certain proposals from the BCCI and said they are willing to ask the Lodha Panel to review those recommendations once more.

The nation's highest judicial forum held a hearing Thursday on the basis of the 60-page affidavit filed on March 1 by the Indian cricket governing body. The SC had asked the BCCI to adhere to the Lodha Committee's recommendations last month and respond to the panel's report by 3 March.

The BCCI, in their reply, mentioned that it was difficult for them to tow in line with the reforms proposed by the Lodha panel.

On Thursday, however, the SC changed their stance a bit. Although the next hearing is set for March 18, the SC asked the cricket body that they would not accept the delaying tactics and the decision will be finalised by this month.

The SC, out of many remarks to the BCCI, took a dig on aged administrators running the body of cricket in India and asked the BCCI not to allow people who are more than the age of 70 and give the responsibilities of governing the game.

"People who are 70 should sit at home, watch cricket on television, rather than govern game," the Supreme Court has been quoted as saying by NDTV. They have also asked the BCCI to reveal the details of money given to the states in the last five years.

The BCCI, out of many proposals, opposed the idea of having politicians being barred from holding office. They also opposed the idea of "one state one cricket association" brought up in the Lodha recommendations and explained that the there are states where cricket is not that popular.

The BCCI also reasoned that the appointment of a CAG (Comptroller and auditor general) representative will not help their cause as the ICC (International Cricket Council) could see the move as a government interference and put pressure on the BCCI in return.

The cricket board of India, however, suggested that the CAG should have just an advisory role and no a voting right. Meanwhile, the BCCI has also been asked to have a proper development plan and correspond to the states on how to utilise the funds wisely.