Sam and Dean in front of the Impala
Sam and Dean in front of the ImpalaFacebook/Supernatural

Fans are impatiently waiting for the return of "Supernatural" on Thursday, Oct.13, but meanwhile we have amazing news for them. Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) may have visited heaven, hell and purgatory, and even met with the big daddy God (Rob Benedict) himself, but there is still a lot more that they can and will do.

The CW has bumped "Supernatural" from Wednesdays to Thursdays for the upcoming Season 12. Generally, when networks push shows around like that is a bad sign, but when the show is already 12 seasons old and still a fan favourite, there is really nothing that could get it cancelled, other than the stars throwing their towel.

In the case of "Supernatural," this definitely seems to be the case. In an interview with Collider the show's creator Eric Kripke said, "As long as Jared and Jensen, who are the heart of the show are up for it, then anything is possible... There is as many episodes as there are ghost stories and there are thousands of ghost stories."

"As long as everyone's having fun and Jared and Jensen's having fun they'll keep doing it," Kripke said, making every "Supernatural" fan's day.

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From what Kripke said it is evident that he has no intention of closing shop anytime soon. However, when the show began he did not have this confidence. Kripke reminisced about how he had to beg, plead and fight to get picked up every year in the initial seasons.

Meanwhile, we can't wait to see how the upcoming season is going to pan out. Dean is with his mother, or at least with a fictional version of his mother that Amara (Emily Swallow) concocted for him. Sam, meanwhile, is left to deal with the English chapter of Men of Letters all by himself.

The wait till Oct. 13 may be long, but we will be posting spoilers, fan theories and any other development during this period. So do not forget to check back here.