The long overdue season 11 premiere of "Supernatural" will be aired by The CW on Monday, 7 October, and just a week ahead, a new exclusive clip from the upcoming episode has been released.

In the new video, we see the Winchester brothers walking into a "Walking Dead" sort of setting and bumping into who could be an important female character in the series.

In the clip from "Out of the Darkness, Into the Fire", that depicts the events from right after what happened in season 10 finale, where they have killed off Death, and unleashed the Darkness into the world. Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) drive into a post-accident zone, only to see that everybody involved is dead.

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However they do meet a supernatural being that gets killed by a female cop who wants to make sure that the brothers aren't these new beings. She checks for any marks on their skin – specifically neck -- leading Dean to say a brilliant line that sort of gives you a taste of the kind of humour you can expect from "Supernatural" season 11:

Officer: "Show me some skin."

Dean: "Eh?"

Officer: "Both of you".

Dean: "Is this like a Magic Mike moment?"

After she confirms that Sam and Dean are not monsters, she reveals that she has been wounded. In some of the leaked photos from the sets of episode 1 shooting, Sam and Dean are seen pushing her in a wheelchair and into a hospital.

While "Supernatural" has a habit of killing off its characters left, right and centre, it was the death of Charlie (Felicia Day) that made many fans angry. She was the one female character that could have been considered a female lead, but she was unfairly killed off, felt many.

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With the arrival of this new officer, fans are hoping that the overpoweringly male presence in the show might give way to ladies. "Don't kill her off in the first few minutes," beg most of them.

To be fair, we do have strong female characters in Rowena (Ruth Connell) and Sheriff Jody Mills (Kim Rhodes) but the former is a villain and the latter only pops up when the boys really need her. Moreover, we are in desperate need to see some new faces, but we will settle for the return of Charlie; because who are we kidding, death in "Supernatural" doesn't really mean death.

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