"Supernatural" is one of those shows you need to follow thoroughly to fully comprehend what entails.

So far, the Winchester brothers, who are the heroes of "Supernatural", have both died, gone to heaven, hell and purgatory, killed and befriended demons, spoken to the scribe of God, become best friends with an Angel who released pre-historic beings called Leviathans into the world thinking he could control them and become the new God, stopped the Apocalypse, killed Death and let Darkness aka God's sister out of her prison, among other mind-boggling things.

We gobble it all up and impatiently wait for the next crazy storyline that will pop up on "Supernatural", but even the fans did not know what to make of the promo for the upcoming Season 11 Episode 10 titled "The Devil in the Details".

In the trailer, Crowley (Mark Sheppard), the King of Hell, has been reduced to a child in a onsie, who is excited about Christmas and his "Sam" action figure. Meanwhile, his mother Rowena (Ruth Connell) dressed as Rudolf, looks like she has had enough of the torture. And just when you thought things could not get weirder, we see Lucifer (Mark Pellegrino) enter the house as Santa, complete with the red suit and gift sack.

Although the trailer looks like something out of the Trickster's (Richard Speight, Jr.) warped brain, the true intentions behind the cheery, Christmasy episode amid the Darkness (Emily Swallow) will be revealed only on Wednesday, 20 January, when "Supernatural" returns. The episode also points towards the arrival of God, as we reported earlier.

Here are some of the fan reactions to the promo for "Supernatural" Season 11 Episode 10:

 Had to watch it a few times to fully process it - noamdsi123

Watched it about 30 times. Ok it exists now I have a ton of questions - murphymc03

I have replayed it more than ten times and i still dont know what the hell just happened - Ruby Zach

I have actually watched it 41 times. Still processing. - Ryan Obey

I had to watch it like 60 times and then once again in slow motion I had to. - Nezzaraptor Ruffles

what even is this show anymore and CROWLEY IN A ONSIE AND LUCI AS SANTA - Autumn Rose