"Supernatural" has been one of the shows that follow the "go big or go home" motto, and it rings true with the Season 11 winter finale last week. In "O Brother Where Art Thou?" we saw Sam (Jared Padalecki) getting trapped in Lucifer's (Mark Pellegrino) cage yet again.

Fans saw Sam continuing to get visions of Lucifer's cage since the beginning of Season 11, leading the hunter to believe God might be asking him to seek the help of the fallen angel to defeat Amara (Emily Swallow). However, it turns out Darkness' arrival on Earth causes quite a commotion in Hell, leading to a small gap in Lucifer's cage — a gap too small to allow him to escape, but big enough to mess with Sam'd head.

He manipulated Sam into believing that he needs Lucifer's help with the not-so-subtle visions and lured him into Hell. Although Dean (Jensen Ackles) was against Sam revisiting Lucifer, he agreed on the terms that his younger brother be completely safe and that Lucifer not escape the cage. However, when Sam refuses his demand to work as his vessel, Lucifer traps him in the cage, as Crowley (Mark A Sheppard) watches helplessly.

As of the winter finale, Sam is back in the cage and Dean has no clue of his brother's fate. He, however, now knows Amara's plan. More than anything else, she wants to meet with her brother; hurting his creation was only her way of getting his attention.

It looks like Amara's wish to see God might be fulfilled after all. In the previous episode, we saw the disbanded Angels coming together to spite her in unison, which is sure to catch God's attention. Moreover, in the promo for the upcoming Season 11 Episode 10, which will be aired on Wednesday, 20 January, we see the words "I am coming" burned on Castiel's chest.

It makes sense for God to announce his arrival through a trusted soldier, especially in a time where everyone from the Winchesters to the angels and his own sister are looking for him. We will be posting more updates on God's arrival in the "Supernatural" universe in the coming weeks; do not forget to check back here for them.