Ever since the trailer for "Supernatural" season 11 episode 10 came out, fans have been utterly confused about what is going on in The CW series. The wait to know the real story of "The Devil in the Details", however, is almost over, and on Wednesday, 20 January, all will be revealed about Sam's (Jared Padalecki) fate and Crowley's onesie.

In the previously-aired mid-season finale of "Supernatural" season 11, Sam was seen trapped in Lucifer's (Mark Pellegrino) cage. Lucifer revealed that he was the one sending visions to Sam after the Darkness' (Emily Swallow) arrival on Earth. Rowena (Ruth Connell) and Crowley (Mark Sheppard) watch helplessly as Lucifer plays his trick on Sam; not that either of them would do anything to help Sam if they could.

Dean (Jensen Ackles), who had an intense interaction with Amara, is unaware of the trouble his brother is in. He had assumed Sam would wait until Dean returns to actually go to Hell. In a newly released set of photos that TV Addict shared, Dean and his angel BFF Cas (Misha Collins) are seen in the cage with Lucifer.

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Despite everything else, Crowley seems to be loyal to Dean and is seen holding his mother with a chain around her neck, as the older Winchester brother glares from the back. It still does not explain how Crowley and Rowena got into a Christmas dream, with Lucifer dressed as Santa delivering him gifts.

Regardless, now we know for a fact that Dean and Cas at least reach Lucifer's cage and are now capable of trying to find a leverage. However, fans predict that with Sam in his cage, Lucifer is the one that is going to use him as leverage and possibly ask the younger Winchester yet again to be his meat suit.

Lucifer could even argue that he is the only one capable of defeating Darkness, but for that he will need Sam's co-operation.