At a time when Marvel Studios has hit the OTT platform with Wanda Vision, DC is not far behind. The first season of Superman and Lois is expected to release on February 23 this year. It will contain 13 episodes each sixty minutes long. 

A per the updates on DC Comics press portal, Actor Tyler Hoechlin and actress Elizabeth Tulloch will star as the DC world's most powerful superhero, Superman and comic books' most famous journalist Lois Lane. They deal with all the stress, pressures and complexities that come with being working parents in today's society. Hoechlin and Tulloch have previously appeared as these iconic characters in multiple episodes of the Arrow-verse DC Super Hero series.

Superman and Lois

The series will be based on the original works of Jerry Siegal, and Joe Shuster. In the US it will air on The CW network, no updates have been given about India.  The trailer has not released yet and is expected to release in February. 

The series may have similarities with the earlier works of the superhero named Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman where Teri Hatcher and Dean Cain had been the lead cast. It's not yet known if these actors will have any special cameo, much like Lynda Carter's appearance in Wonder Woman 1984. Hatcher had been a part of the DC Universe twice. In 2017 played a negative character in Supergirl. 

The origin of Superman 

Superman was originally created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, who were childhood friends, and classmates at Glenville High School in Cleveland, Ohio. The idea to introduce an almighty superhero happened after a lot of comic book addiction, however, they struggled to make their work interesting. An interesting aspect of this character is that it had a lot to do with Adolf Hitler's policy of wiping the Jews away from the face of the Earth. Both Seigal and Shuster had been born to Jewish immigrant parents in Europe. 

When the two would hear about the oppression faced by Jews, even in their will to save them, they felt extremely powerless. Seigal had the urge to help the downtrodden mass but he could barely help himself. 

In the Jewish religion, they were familiar with the origin of Golem a man who was sculpted from mud by a Rabbi in the 16th century. The Rabbi had given him the power of life to protect the innocent from evil. The infant grew up to part the Red Sea and give a new land to Jewish. During his days of adolescence, his parents had cast him down the river Nile in a basket to save him from the Pharaohs. Even in the comics of DC, Superman is sent away by his parents from Krypton to Earth. Later in that planet, some saw him as God, others such as Bruce Wayne, Lex Luthor thought of him to be an alien, an invader. 

Superman in the age of the holocaust

After the horrors of the Holocaust in 1945, Superman mourning for Krypton was seen as an equivalent for the Jewish survivor's guilt for not saving the other Jewish people while escaping from the concentration camps. The Third Reich had been aware of the works of Seigel and Shuster' and their symbolism. Joseph Goebbels, a close associate of Hitler had denounced Superman and would run an editorial mocking Siegel as "intellectually and physically circumcised" in 1940.