Melissa Benoist as Supergirl
Melissa Benoist as Supergirltwitter/Melissa Benoist

The trailer for "Supergirl" has been released and while the super-long first look does show potential, it gives off a very cheesy, clichéd vibe.

Melissa Benoist is adorable as Kara Denvers aka "Supergirl", and her acting is quite believable, so is the chemistry between the actors. Though many fans have blamed the gender of the superhero to be at fault for the cheesy disposition of "Supergirl", many argue that the writers of the show are trying to inject unnecessary humour into the dark and serious story of Superman's cousin.

Jason Norris wrote on a social networking site: "Why is it that we finally get a Superhero show led by a female hero and they screw up the main character? In the comics Supergirl is strong, independent and rebellious. Here we have a Supergirl that can't make her own costume, completely folds on herself because someone tells her that he doesn't need her help when she offers it, and then asks for permission to be allowed to stop the villain. Don't get me wrong, I will watch the show, because I'm hoping this trailer just really doesn't do it justice" . Bumble Trees add, 'Yay! Another corny comic book show that's focused on teen drama.... can't wait :/"

Meanwhile, many consider the jokes and storyline clichéd and unoriginal. They compared it with the Anne Hathaway-Meryl Streep movie, "The Devil Wears Prada", and even the recent "Black Widow" that SNL aired when Scarlet Johannson hosted on 2 May.

"It's amusing how much the opening bit mirrors the Black Widow SNL skit from last weekend. That said, from what I know of the character, it actually works with Supergirl. Color me cautiously interested," said Marshall Clark.

Regardless of the mostly grey feedback from viewers, "Supergirl" is expected to have a great audience when it premieres in November 2015.