Saraswati- a supercluster
Saraswati is located 4 billion light years away from EarthTwitter/ Om Prakash Mathur

Commoners may mistake them for glow worms in a forest or scattered city lights but it is an astronomical structure, a supercluster of galaxies, by the name 'Saraswati'.

A team of Indian scientists have discovered this supercluster and are calling it to be massive and one of the large-scale structures in the universe.

It is estimated to be four billion light years away from Earth in the direction of constellation Pisces.

Since the galaxy is so far away from earth, the light from there has taken that much time to reach here.

Scientists told Times of India that since its light has just reached, they will be able to study how the galaxy had been in the past.

The scientists have said that Supercluster 'Saraswati' reportedly weighs about 200 million billion times more than the Sun. It is supposed to have originated some 10 billion years ago and is estimated to have 10,000 galaxies in 42 clusters.

Sankhyayan from Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER), who is also a co-author, told TOI that in 1989, Somak Raychoudhury, had earlier discovered a similar super cluster of galaxies.

"Dark energy, as we all know, is behind the expansion of the universe but nobody has ever actually detected it," Sankhyayan told TOI and added that this discovery might help us understand dark energy and its role in expansion and evolution.

"Earth, which belongs to Milky Way galaxy, is actually also a part of a supercluster called the Laniaka supercluster," he added.