• typhoon vongfong
    Astronaut Reid Wiseman,who shared this photo on Twitter said - I've seen many from here, but none like this.Twitter
  • typhoon vongfong
    A photo of the typhoon taken from the International Space StationNASA
  • typhoon vongfong
    Another image of the typhoon from spaceTwitter

There was no respite for Japan from the monstrous sea winds as Typhoon Vongfong hit the archipelago nation early on Monday, reportedly injuring 30 people, while one person has gone missing.

The typhoon was caught on camera by the International Space Station which posted the stunning visuals online. Astronaut Reid Wiseman, who shared some photos on Twitter, said, "I've seen many from here, but none like this". 

Vongfong means Wasp

The storm, said to be the strongest to hit the nation this year, made landfall on the Kyushu Island at a speed of about 180 kmph, wreaking havoc as huge waves crashed into breakwaters.

Vongfong, which means wasp in Cantonese, had been categorised as a super-typhoon, according to BBC. The typhoon caused waves to rise as high as 50 feet in the open ocean.

Three people, all Chinese, were swept away by the waves in Shizuoka, and while two were rescued, while one person is still missing.

More than 4 lakh people had been evacuated in southwest Japan ahead of the typhoon, according to The Guardian.

Fears of floods, landslides

The typhoon has also raised concerns of landslides and floods as heavy rains lashed many parts of the country. Flash flooding is also anticipated as Vongfong hits mountains in Kyushu, as per reports.

A week after typhoon Phanfone

Typhoon Vongfong comes just a week after typhoon Phanfone hit the nation and killed nine people. Three US military servicemen were reportedly washed away when the typhoon struck.