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The nation is celebrating its 74th Independence day on Saturday (August 15). But strangely,
people across the country began talking about the former porn star, now Bollywood actress
Sunny Leone. Soon she became one of the trending topics on Twitter.

But why Sunny Leone is trending on India's Independence day?

It all started when an article on India Today about P Naveen Kumar, the man who is believed to have
triggered this week's Bengaluru riots, was shared on the microblogging site. The article was titled
'A Sunny Leone fan, a political aspirant: Know more about man allegedly behind post that burnt

The mention of Kumar being a Sunny Leone fan garnered several angry reactions from netizens who felt including the actress' name was nothing less than character assassination.

"So what if Naveen likes Sunny Leone. How does that matte...? Character assassination for diverting the attention from the Muslim rioters in Bangalore," one Twitter user commented.

Another Twitter user commented, "Sunny Leone should sue India Today for belittling her and is defamation of a very mean kind. If this magazine can adore the boy wonder(12 cover story) can't see any reason why Navin should not be appreciative of Leone?"

And there were many people who were clueless why Sunny Leone was trending on Independence day.

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