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Sunny Leone aka Karenjit Kaur Vohra (real name) gave up her career as a porn star in 2012 and embarked on her new journey in Bollywood. There were a lot of people who questioned her identity when she entered the Hindi film industry. She was being constantly judged for what she was and not for what she was currently doing. And even today, people find some ways to criticize her and try to dig up her past. And when Sunny Leone was once again brought face-to-face with the horrors of her past (the kind of hatred she had faced), the starlet literally couldn't hold back her tears.

During the launch of his new show called Pinch, Arbaaz Khan revealed that he had asked Sunny Leone a question which a social media user had commented on her timeline. It was so nasty that she cried profusely. The purpose of the show is to discuss and bring forth the ghosts of the social media which someway or the other have affected their personal lives. Sunny Leone and Arbaaz Khan have worked together in Tera Intezaar and now have once again collaborated for a episode on Pinch. 

"Everybody has spoken about interesting things about them. Sunny Leone has also spilled a lot of beans and she even cried on the show. Like there was certain thing she wanted to answer and you could tell that somebody like her also could get affected and really be emotional about a certain question and about an answer. And she spoke beautifully and everybody else's as well. Some have taken it humorously, some have taken it emotionally. So there have been all kinds of expressions that you will see in every episode with the celebrities," Arbaaz Khan said during the launch event adding that the questions they have asked celebrities were taken from social media.

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He further added, "I have not created anything. I have spoken about things that are already existing, or in conversation may be in their statements or on their timelines. And they have been confronted every single day probably with that. Sometimes they have not been vocal about it or spoken about it and sometimes they have not felt the need or got the platform to speak about it."