Sunny Leone
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Sunny Leone appeared on Arbaaz Khan's chat show Quick Heal Pinch, where the diva broke down while talking about a recent tragedy she faced and some nasty comments she received regarding the incident.

The host asked Sunny to see some of the comments that came in on social media when she had launched a crowdfunding initiative for one of her team members who needed a kidney transplant.

Sunny had posted on social media asking people to donate for Prabhakar Yedley's treatment, for which they needed Rs 20 lakh. This was followed by several rude comments, saying that she could earn in millions but wanted to crowdfund for treatment of a friend.

Reacting to the nasty comments showed to her, Sunny broke down and could not hold her tears.

"Prabhakar was sick long before I posted that. And Daniel and I took care of all his financial needs. All from the hospital bills, all of the blood transfusions that he would have to do because he had kidney failure. His kidneys were not working, maybe it was less than ten per cent," Sunny said.

"When you find out that your friend or someone that you're working with so long is going to die if we don't help him then you go into a panic and I know he has been working in this industry for a very very long time and a lot of people love him. And it is not just medical bills, it's his home, his family, his lawyer bills because he had to apply for transplants, he had a son, what I wrote out there was a small amount what actually needed to be done."

"There was so much that we wanted to do for him, there were so many things and we failed and he died," the actress started crying after saying these words.

She then somehow contained her emotions, but again broke down while reacting to people's comments on her post.

"I don't care what people think. I don't care if they think I might have a hundred million dollars, my thing for him was... let me tell everybody who loves you so much and who would want to take care of you, that you are sick and we didn't we failed, he didn't make it. It's been really hard, we all miss him," a crying Sunny said.

On the same episode, the former adult movie star spoke about a scary situation when an angry mob had shown up at her house after a known foe instigated people against her.

"What happened was his followers started making really crazy comments, threatening my life, my family. It's not that the person had said something violent but evoked this crazy emotion in people. So, people showed up at my house. It was the scariest thing. Because Daniel was in Los Angeles, I walked up to the door with a knife in my hand," she said.

Sunny truly is one celebrity who has witnessed an equal share of love and hate in this country for herself.