Sunil Gavaskar
Former India skipper Sunil Gavaskar admitted he was extremely lucky to survive a car crash in EnglandReuters

Former India skipper Sunil Gavaskar survived a life threatening accident on his way to London from Manchester, after the fourth Test match between England and India.

Gavaskar was travelling with former English player and commentator Mark Nicolson and a London-based friend Chandresh Patel, when their Jaguar collided with another vehicle in slippery conditions on a highway.

The former skipper was seated left on the back, where the car suffered a direct impact from the approaching vehicle.

Gavaskar, however, was unharmed in the accident but was forced to abandon the severely damaged car and board a train back to his apartment.

Gavaskar, who is on commentary duty for the ongoing England-India series, after reaching London, insisted that they escaped serious injuries by sheer luck.

"My God! God has saved us," Gavaskar told Mid Day. "There was torrential rain and our car was being driven very fast. Thankfully, no one was hurt although the accident was very, very scary."

Earlier, Gavaskar cautioned the driver to drive slowly in rainy conditions and as soon as he finished instructing him, a vehicle came zooming in. Gavaskar's driver turned right to avoid the collision but the other vehicle struck on the left side.

A couple of minutes before, the former Indian opening batsman texted his wife Marshniel Gavaskar that he is on the highway and will reach their apartment soon. Gavaskar was later forced to take the train from East Midland Parkway railway station to get to London.