Sunanda Pushkar
Shashi Tharoor with his late wife Sunanda Pushkar.IANS File

Shashi Tharoor's domestic help Narayan Singh has reportedly told the police that a man 'Sunil sahab' was with Sunanda Pushkar at Hotel Leela Palace two days before her death. According to Singh, this man helped her with tweets and to 'copy' some messages.

Singh also said that Pushkar called up Tharoor and told him he was "finished" as she had revealed everything to the media, reports The Times of India. The statement however does not indicate as to what exactly she was referring to.

Singh has emerged as a key figure in the probe as he was closest to the couple in the days preceding Pushkar's death. He was called by the SIT for questioning on Thursday.

Singh, who was also grilled by the police in November last year, gave a detailed account of the chain of events before Pushkar's death. He also mentioned a fight which took place between the couple in Dubai.

Meanwhile, circumstantial evidence points to "alprazolam poisoning" as the reason for Pushkar's death and injuries to her were caused by "blunt force" but did not cause death while her body also bore injection and teeth bite marks, says the FIR in the murder case.

"The circumstantial evidences are suggestive of alprazolam poisoning," said the three-page First Information Report, which has been accessed by IANS, adding poisoning was through oral route but an "injectable route" could not be ruled out.

"All the injuries mentioned are caused by blunt force, simple in nature, non-contributing to death and are produced in scuffle, except injury number 10 which is an injection mark. Injury number 12 is a teeth [sic] bite mark. The injuries number 1 to 15 is of various duration ranging from 12 hours to four days," the FIR said.

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