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Suits finally makes a return with new episodes from season 7. Suits season 7 episode 11 airs in the US today and fans are eagerly waiting for the three crucial stories to unfold.

The season 7 mid-season finale closed on a massive cliff-hanger note which saw Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht) and Donna Paulsen (Sarah Rafferty) indulge in a romantic moment as they share a kiss. It left fans excited because it was all they ever wanted since the show first began.

The remaining episodes of the ongoing season will also witness onscreen couple — Mike Ross (Patrick J Adams) and Rachel Zane (Meghan Markle) — leaving the show. Their exit is bound to keep viewer's interest, especially because this would be Prince Harry's soon-to-be wife's last acting stint before she marries the royal blood.

As for episode 11, judging by the promos, it will focus on the kiss. A 30-second trailer sees Donna discussing the kiss with Rachel and telling her: "I kissed him. I just had to know."

Louis Litt (Rick Hoffman) is also seen questioning Donna, "How could you that? That's crossing a line." Fans will witness yet another moment between Harvey and Donna as the former is seen entering the latter's apartment.

The promos available for Indian audience tease Markle and Adams' exit. The promo is titled "Time to Say Goodbye" wherein fans are taken down the memory lane with back-to-back flashbacks of Rachel and Mike's love story. Markle's on-screen wedding is teased as well.

Another promo features Louis and Sheela share a passionate moment as well. Looks like the 11th episode is going to be all about love.

So when and where can you watch the legal drama unfold?

In the US: The episode is titled Hard Truths and it will air on the USA Network Wednesday, March 28 at 9PM.

In the UK: Suits season 7, episode 11 will drop on Netflix UK on March 29 at 8am.

In India: The Indian premiere of Suits season 7 episode 11 will be aired on Comedy Central on Thursday at 11 am on March 29. A repeat will air on Saturday at 8 pm.