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Suits will mark its 100th episode this weekSuits, Facebook

While Suits season 7 heads towards the mid-season finale, the USA show celebrates a landmark this week. The legal drama premieres its 100th episode this Wednesday and there are some surprises planned for viewers, executive producer Aaron Korsh teases.

The episode is titled 100 and it's special not only because of the number, lead star cast Patrick J Adams has directed the episode. Picking up from the previous episode, Mike and Harvey will keep the ball rolling as they will attempt to find a way to stop Masterson Construction without exposing Alex Williams.

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But is that all fans will be treated to? Certainly not! Suits creators have some jaw-dropping moments infused into the "100" and a sneak peek of which was shared in the promo. Speaking to TV Line, Korsh dropped a few spoilers from the upcoming episode.

Warning: Spoilers Alert

What to expect:

While fans were hoping a wedding taking place, Korsh confirms that there will not be a wedding in the 100th episode. Instead, the one-hour special will be a perfect blend between going all-out with a special event and delivering a classic Suits episode.

"The good news is it's toward the climax of the case that we've been working on this season, so it naturally is a bit more of a dramatic episode." Harvey and Mike are seeking help from an outsider in their Alex situation, Korsh shares.

"Rick Muirragui, who wrote it, is always big on really wanting to do some extra special things. He's big on that in his flashback episodes. So I feel like we did try to do some extra special things," like including a surprise that's teased in the promo by way of Louis' shocked face. The official synopsis did reveal that Louise will meet someone (from his past?) while he hunts for a new associate.

"[Louise is] in a situation that we've never seen Louis in before. He's going to have a difficult decision to make as a result. It's going to have what we like to think is a cool parallel [to what's] going on with Donna," who will be seen reaching out to her ex-boyfriend Mark (Jay Harrington).

Speaking to Fansided, Donna actress Sarah Rafferty added that the 100th episode is going to be crucial for Donna. "We're going to have a deeper dive into her personal life, which is what I always get very, very excited about," she shared.

Talking to TV Guide, she also shared that there will be a beautiful Donna-Louis moment. "Louis and I have a great scene on the roof. It was shot so beautifully. That was another moment of being really excited for Patrick because he had this gorgeous crane shot set up and there we were on the roof together. That was a really beautiful scene," Rafferty explained.

"It's going to all [come] together at the end of the episode in an incredibly directed, intercutting scene on [star] Patrick's behalf," Korsh told TV Line.

Suits season 7 episode 8 air date, airtime: August 30, 9 pm

Where to watch the 100th episode: USA Network.

Where to watch and stream live online: Episodes are available on USA's website

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