Harvey and Donna may finally become a couple in second half of Suits Season 6
Harvey and Donna may finally become a couple in second half of Suits Season 6Facebook/Suits

Everyone's favourite legal drama Suits has gone on a break following the airing of Season 6 episode 10 titled P.S.L and its going to be a long wait for the return of the show with episode 11.

In the mid-season finale episode of the Suits Season 6 fans saw one shocking event that no one would have guessed and that is the departure of Jessica (Gina Torres). Many other main characters were also on the crossroads when we said goodbye to them, including Louis (Rick Hoffman), Harvey (Gabriel Macht), Donna (Sarah Rafferty), Mike (Patrick J Adams) and Rachel (Meghan Markle).

There is a lot that fans can look forward to, when the show returns with Suits Season 6 episode 11, most possibly on Wednesday, 8 March 2017. Here are six most important reasons to get excited about the USA Network show, which is brought to India by Comedy Central India:

  • Mike's future: Now that Mike is out of prison, what will he do? In the summer finale we saw Harvey offer him a job and although he will no longer be a lawyer, he would still be a legal consultant who will work within Pearson Specter Litt. Mike was reluctant to take the job initially, but P.S.L had ended with him telling Rachel about the offer and it seemed like he would take it up when the show returns.
  • Wedding of Mike and Rachel: Season 5 of Suits had ended with Mike deciding not marry Rachel before heading to prison. Now that he is back and no longer in any legal trouble, the wedding can finally take place.
  • Louis' wedding: Speaking of weddings, Louis, who had the most romantic storyline in the first half of Suits Season 6, is also expected to get his happily after in the second half of the season. In episode 10 he had proposed to his girlfriend Tara (Carly Pope) even though she was pregnant with her ex-boyfriend's baby.

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  • Jessica's possible return: After dedicating a majority of her life to Pearson Specter Litt, Jessica decided to follow her heart, aka her ex-boyfriend Jeff Malone (DB Woodside). Although Gina Torres has joined ABC's "The Catch" in a recurring role, Aaron Korsh has promised that she could still return in the future if the plot demands it.
  • Patrick J Adams' direction: The lead actor of the show, who also acts as one of the executive producers, will direct an episode in second half of Season 6. He has already directed two episodes of Suits, including Season 5 episode 14 Self Defense and Season 4 episode 14 Derailed, both of which made for amazing episodes. So, we cannot wait to see what else Adams' vision will bring to the second half of Suits Season 6.
  • Harvey and Donna future: Most important scene from the Season 6 summer finale of Suits was when Harvey and Donna held hands, making millions of fans happy. We have been waiting for many seasons to see the couple actually become a romantic couple. However, due to each of their emotional baggage and intimacy issues, this has never been possible so far. Now it finally looks like Harvey and Donna as a couple may finally become a reality.