With last week's elimination of Alyssa Edwards in "RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars" Season 2, the number of queens remaining in the competition have been brought down to five. However, the top five cannot get comfortable just yet, because the queens they sent home over the course of the last four episodes are returning for their revenge in Season 2 episode 5 "Revenge of the Queens."

As fans saw, due to a devious game-changing decision by Ru, the queens have been eliminating each other this season. So far, we saw Roxxxy eliminating Coco in episode 1, Alaska eliminating Tatianna in episode 2, Alyssa eliminating Ginger in episode 3 and Alaska eliminating Alyssa in episode 4. The queens had initially decided on sending the girl that got the worst critiques on stage home.

Everyone other than Alyssa had followed through with this pact, because she had felt that Katya had more to offer in the competition than Ginger. As the competition goes farther, it will get even more difficult to pick the queen who needs to get eliminated, because critiques are starting to become equally mediocre for those who under-perform.

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The upcoming "Revenge of the Queens" will probably switch things up for us. It is expected to see the return of all the eliminated queens from Coco to Alyssa and they will definitely have a say in the future of the queens in the competition. Ru's plans with them are yet to be revealed, but it could be anything from asking the queens to judge the week's challenge, to making them choose the bottom two.

The contestants will all be seen performing a stand-up comedy act in front of an audience of drag queens in the upcoming Season 2 episode 5. Purely based on their history, this is a challenge Detox and Alaska can both slay. Even Katya could shine in a comedy challenge if she is able to get out of her own head.

Which two queens will come out on top in "Revenge of the Queens?" Find out when Season 2 episode 5 of "RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars" airs on Thursday, Sept. 22 via Logo TV.