Suits will return for the final six episodes of Season 6 on January 25.Facebook/Suits

Suits has announced its winter premiere date and in less than three months viewers will find out how the legal drama will move forward without Jessica, the character essayed by Gina Torres.

Suits Season 6 midseason finale ended with Jessica announcing her decision to leave the firm in the capable hands of Harvey and Louis, and the next six episodes will see if they succeed in putting aside their differences for the greater good of the firm. Harvey and Louis "more than ever will rely on the wit and intuition of Donna and Rachel, their most trusted advisors, to keep them on track," the official synopsis reads.

Viewers will also find out what's in store for Harvey and Donna, who were shown holding hands at the end of the midseason finale, and Mike and Rachel. Mike is out of prison and he is no longer a lawyer, but Harvey has offered him a job, which he is yet to accept.

Suits has already been renewed for a Season 7, and according to showrunner Aaron Korsh, viewers might get a Season 8 as well. Replying to a fan's question on when the legal drama will end, Korsh said during a Twitter Q&A that season 8 is also a possibility. "I think we'll go at least 8. Just tired at the end of a season..." he said.

"Used 2think we'd go through S8+. At the moment, just trying to survive S6. Be back 4 at least S7 though," wrote Korsh.

As for if Torres would return to the show in future, he said that time will answer that question.

Suits will return to USA Network on Wednesday, January 25 at 10 pm ET.