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"Suits" will finally return with Season 6 on Wednesday, July 13, and it is going to answer a whole lot of questions for fans, who wondered how the show will continue with Mike (Patrick J Adams) in prison. International Business Time, India, got an early screener of the premier episode of the show and here is our review... without spoilers, of course.

The last we saw team "Suits," everything had been torn apart. From Mike going to prison to Pearson Specter Litt being stranded by all employees, things were not looking too good for any of our heroes. Naturally, most of us assumed things would take a turn for dark, dramatic - and dare I say drab - as Jessica (Gina Torres), Harvey (Gabriel Macht) and Louis (Rick Hoffman) picks up the pieces and build the firm back together.

Anyone who nursed such thoughts, however, gravely underestimated the brilliant writers of this show. Within the first episode of the new season, it is clear that despite the central character being sent to jail, the show is going to turn up the funny without being disrespectful. After a long gap, we even get to take joy out of Louis and Harvey's altercations, because let's be honest their fights were far from fun in the previous season. 

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Rachel (Meghan Markle), obviously, is devastated that the man she loves is lock far away from her, but she does find solace in her work and the firm. It does help that she is with a group of people who understands what she is going through and shares her sadness. However, she may be getting into a lot more trouble that anyone would have guessed, thanks to yet another mistake Mike makes without considering the consequences. His time in prison is going to be a lot more interesting than any fan theories could have conjured up.

One great thing about the premiere episode is that showrunner Aaron Korsch's teases about the lack of a time jump and the show picking up exactly where it left off, is brought to full realisation so beautifully. In the course of a single night, the same one that saw Mike handing himself over, Harvey and Rachel finds solace in each other even as Louis and Jessica prove to each other once and for all that they have each other's back.

"To Trouble" is a brilliantly crafted story of family, friendship, perseverance, survival and loyalty. All in all, Season 6 episode 1 of "Suits" is definitely an episode you do not want to miss and it gives meaning to the phrase "worth the wait."

Do not forget to tune in to USA Network at 9 p.m. (EST) on Wednesday, July 13, and watch "To Trouble."