USA Network's legal drama series "Suits" is getting more dramatic by the day, and fans are loving it. For the first time in the entire series, Harvey has been shown as vulnerable in Season 5. But his recovery is a work in progress and while it happens, he is likely to lash out at adversaries – aka Louis Litt; and this is exactly what happens in episode 7 "Hitting Home".

In the previous episode, we saw Harvey (Gabriel Macht) telling his therapist Paula Agard (Christina Cole) that he is ready to speak about his mother, whose abandonment is the root of all his emotional struggles. He feels very exposed at having to reveal his real self to Dr Agard, and he is not ready to be bombarded with a Litt family drama.

When Esther Litt (Amy Acker) first came to Pearson Specter Litt, demanding Harvey represent her in her divorce case, Louis (Rick Hoffman) agreed on one condition; that Harvey not sleep with his sister. However, it seems like Harvey broke that promise on the day of the divorce itself, when his nemesis' sister said, "Take me home".

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We do need to keep in mind that Harvey is very touchy about family and Louis did reveal a very touching anecdote about how his peers would pretend to befriend him just so they could get closer to his sister. So may be, like us, Louis has read the situation wrong too.

In the promo he is seen screaming at Esther, "I am not your buffoon brother", to which she replies "You make everything worse". We do need to note that as of last episode, Louis is sort of a changed man, trying to let go of his pettiness and grudges. Even Jessica (Gina Torres) and Mike (Patrick J Adams) recognised and appreciated the change. So, is he really at fault here?

In the promo, he is also seen taking a hit from Harvey, after calling him a "lying, cheating..." To be fair to Harvey though, he did warn Louis from saying things he cannot take back.

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Meanwhile, their common enemy, Jack Soloff (John Pyper-Ferguson), is getting fired in the coming episode. We know that he is rubbing everyone the wrong way, stabbing Louis in the back, threatening Jessica and don't even get started on his beef with Harvey.

Towards the end of "Privilege", Jessica had accused him of collaborating with the shamed former partner Daniel Hardman (David Costabile), and in the promo for "Hitting Home" Hardman is back. Putting two and two together, one can assume that they are trying to take down Jessica.

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