It has been a while since "Suits" went on a hiatus — a couple of months, in fact. But "suitors" are still worried about Mike's arrest and the future of Pearson Specter Litt in the back of their minds. Season 5 Episode 10, "Faith", had been one of the most eventful episodes of the USA Network series.

Although we know Mike (Patrick J Adams) had it long time coming, his arrest was still heart-wrenching for fans. It did come as a surprise, even though we watched as more and more people warned Mike the consequences of living a fraudulent life. Moreover, the timing was the worst, too, seeing as he had just decided on quitting the firm to be a free man and the loving husband Rachel (Meghan Markle) deserved.

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However, we need not worry too much about Mike's future, because his mentor Harvey (Gabriel Macht) will find a way to save his protégé. Granted, Harvey just quit Pearson Specter Litt, but that does not mean he has no hold over what happens there, and as of "Faith", Jessica (Gina Torres) definitely owes him one.

In a recently-released promo for Season 5 Episode 11, "Blowback", we see Harvey saying: "First thing we need to figure out is who tipped them off." There are obviously plenty of suspects, starting with Mike's former best friend Trevor (Tom Lipinski). It will only be a matter of time before Harvey uncovers the truth.

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We believe Harvey's success in freeing Mike will also benefit in his journey towards accepting the man he is, and becoming the man he wants to be. As we saw in the first half of Season 5, Harvey has finally started to accept that he has built walls to prohibit anyone from being close to him; thanks to Dr Agard (Christina Cole).

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It is predicted that when "Suits" returns with Season 5 Episode 11 on Wednesday, 27 January, Harvey will try to let the people in his life in — especially Donna (Sarah Rafferty). In the previous episodes, we saw her distancing herself from Harvey because she realised she deserves better that being Harvey's assistant.

This journey will allow Harvey to be the man Donna deserves, and therefore allow his former secretary and best friend/possible love interest to see he has changed for the better.

This, however, can only be confirmed when "Suits" returns with Season 5 Episode 11, and until then, do not forget to check back here for more updates and spoilers.