USA Network's "Suits" Season 5 went on a mid-season break following episode 10 "Faith", which was one of the most eventful episodes from the entire series. Now, we are all desperate to know when the show will return and how the lives of our beloved characters have changed because of what happened in "Faith".

We know that Episode 11 of "Suits" will be titled "Blowback" and as the name suggests it will reveal all that has been going on with the employees of Pearson Specter Litt following Mike's (Patrick J Adam) arrest and Harvey (Gabriel Macht) quitting the firm. It has been confirmed on the show's official Facebook page that the show will return with new episodes in the winter.

Based on the show's trend in the past, the possible time for its return is January or February 2016, and when it does, we are most excited to see how Rachel (Meghan Markle) reacts to her fiancé's arrest. We had speculated that his arrest could have been arranged by Mike's soon-to-be mother-in-law and Rachel's mom.

Show-runner Aaron Korsh had said that she could have done it just to protect her daughter. Rachel's love would not allow her to turn on Mike and the fear of him getting caught would forever foreshadow their love. And although Mike decided to quit his job at Pearson Specter Litt and live an honest life with Rachel, her family is unaware about it.

Will her mom make Rachel realise that associating with a criminal would make her look bad? Will her father's disappointment force Rachel to break-up with Mike? We hope not, and from what we know, Rachel is fiercely loyal and not someone to get easily intimidated.

We will be regularly updating fans with any news about "Suits" before the return of Season 5 Episode 11. Do not forget to check back here for the same.