Pom Klementieff as Mantis Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2
Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2/ Marvel Studios Youtube trailer screenshot

It looks like Michael Rooker and Sean Gunn are not the only Marvel stars who have joined James Gunn's Suicide Squad. Going by a new image shared by the director on Instagram, it seems certain that actor Pom Klementieff has also joined the DC film.

Production of Suicide Squad is already underway, with most of its cast members such as Nathan Fillion, Gunn, Pete Davidson and others spotted filming in their costume. Few of the new actors who are a part of the movie have already worked alongside Gunn in the Guardians of the Galaxy films. 

After Gunn's outing with the cast of The Suicide Squad last night, the director shared a few memorable photos of the actors on Instagram and the first still shows Rooker posing alongside Klementieff. The caption read, "Love is in the air!! Dinner last night with some of my favourite people from The Suicide Squad."

James Gunn Guardians of the Galaxy
Director James Gunn attends The World Premiere of Marvel’s epic space adventure “Guardians of the Galaxy."Getty Images

Putting two and two together, the photo and description suggest that the Marvel actor is also part of the DC film. Moreover, the director also mentions in the hashtag, "thesuicidesquadandpom" which is again a confirmation. You can check out the photo below.

The response from fans has been mostly positive but it also led to some MCU fans sounding their concern over Klementieff's future as Mantis in the MCU. One user, in particular, questioned claiming Marvel actors aren't allowed to crossover with the DC Universe. but the director reassured that there were no such agreements that didn't allow actors to appear in other universes.

The Suicide Squad is expected to continue with principal photography from the next 2 months. But it remains to be seen if the film would engage in any reshoots/additional photography. Gunn once again confirmed on Instagram that he won't be starting work on the third Guardians of the Galaxy film until he wraps up SS entirely.

The Suicide Squad hits theatres on August 6, 2021. 

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 Love is in the air!! Dinner last night with some of my favorite people from #TheSuicideSquad. #thesuicidesquadandpom #poorcalvins #love

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