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Zee Telugu is all set to make this weekend a little more romantic and dramatic for its audience! Super hit Telugu movie, Nannu Dochukunduvate which has Sudheer Babu and Nabha Natesh in the lead roles will be premiered on Sunday, 27 January at 12 pm.

Nannu Dochukunduvate is a story of an ambitious, diligent software engineer, Karthik who aspires to professionally grow and settle in The United States. While Karthik dreams of settling abroad, his dad fixes his match with one of his relatives.

To escape this trap of marriage, Karthik claims that he is in love with a girl named Siri and ropes in Meghna to act as Siri and appease his dad. While continuing to stage that they are in a serious relationship, the couple actually fall in love with each other but don't confess their feelings for the longest time.

Produced by Sudheer Babu himself, the movie beautifully captures how the Karthik and Meghana find their soul mates in each other and successfully make their way to a union.

Nassar, Rajsekhar Aningi, Viva Harsha, Jeeva, Sudharshan and others are in the cast. Nannu Dochukunduvate, which was released in September 2018, has Suresh Ragutu's cinematography, Ajaneesh Lokanath's music and Chota K Naidu's editing.