Sudeep.PR Handout

Kiccha Sudeep has decided not to celebrate his birthday in public anymore. He has asked his fans not to waste money on his birthday celebrations and requested them to use the same amount on charity.

The actor released a letter online on Tuesday, July 11, in which he thanked them for showering their conditional support on him. "All these years I have felt blessed and loved when each one would turn up for my birthday and celebrating it as if it was your own... Thank U all for this unconditional love tat u all have showered for more than two decades now... I have Nuthn to offer u all apart from my love n work ,,, Wch I Wil do til my last breath.. [sic]"

He also drew their attention towards the money being spent on his birthday celebration. "I request u all to use tat money to donate to those in need... Use this money to buy food to those, to whom a single meal a day is a dream.. Trust me ,,the money tats being spent on decorations n cakes etc,,can actually save someone's house ,,or someone's life. This to me is th best gift u all can give me,, This wil be th best way to celebrate,,N This is that little we all can do for our people in need... [sic]" Sudeep said.

The Hebbuli star concluded by saying that he would not be celebrating his birthday from now on and will be away from home on his special days. The actor hopes that fans will respect his words and wishes to make a few people smile on that day.

"Look around and u Will see a lot who needs ur ill support and help... Lend them tat hand.. Someday u Wil see Light shining on u too,,when u least expect to see a smallest ray..." he ends.

On the professional front, Sudeep is busy with Prem's The Villain, which also stars Shivaraj Kumar in the lead role.