children crossing rivulet in MPANI

Students of Hatta's Madiyado risk their lives every day to reach their schools as the bridge on a rivulet has been under construction for five years now. 

"We can't reach school during heavy rains. We want the bridge to be constructed soon", said the students.

Though no casualties have been reported so far, the situation worsens during rains which lead to high water current. A number of students have suffered injuries since there is no safe passage available to reach the school.

The teachers in the school stated that during rains the students are unable to cross the rivulet and sometimes end up getting hurt on the way.

During heavy rains, students find it difficult to get back home as the water body swells up.

Block Education Officer, BS Rajput has claimed that the negligence of the contractor is the reason for the delay in the construction of the bridge.

"The delay in the construction work of the bridge is due to the negligence of the contractor. The principal of the school has sent a letter to Zila Panchayat CEO (Chief Executive Officer) in this regard as well," Rajput said.