England's premier fast bowler Stuart Broad has been an integral part of the team's Test ambitions for quite some time now and come the West Indies Test series, the fast-bowler will run up and deliver the ball with a modified action.

Fellow fast-bowler James Anderson, who has shared the new ball with Broad for the majority of his career, says that he has not seen anyone as hard on the game as Stuart Broad.

"Probably since Australia, I've not seen anyone work as hard as he has on their game," Anderson said. "It's a credit to him. He's put so many hard yards in, not just on his run-up but on his action and trying to swing the ball away again," Anderson said before the 1st Test match.

'Run up looks really good'

Stuart Broad
File picture of StuartReuters

Describing the action, Anderson said that the run-up looks more smooth and although the snap and momentum in the bowling action remain almost the same, the final six yards to the crease looks a lot better.

"I do think the run-up has looked really good here. He still has the same snap, the same momentum going through the crease. For me, it's all about the last six yards, building that momentum up to the crease. He can definitely have the same oomph," Anderson added.

The upcoming series is already generating a lot of interest primarily because of the fact that there is specially-made Dukes ball and the surfaces prepared for the series are expected to assist the seamers a lot more.

"I think the bowlers have really enjoyed their first week here," Anderson said. "The Dukes ball has been moving around a bit and swung for quite a considerable amount of time. So that's encouragement."

Although England appears to be favourites, Anderson does not want to take things for granted as he expects the hosts to stand up and exert pressure on them.

"Whenever we come here you get the feeling that West Indies really want to beat England," Anderson said. "It's something that's been ingrained in them, especially in the past when England have suffered heavy defeats.