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Director Shamdat's Malayalam movie Street Lights featuring superstar Mammootty aka Mammookka and Lijomol Jose has received positive reviews and ratings from viewers.

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Street Lights is a crime-thriller. Fawaz Mohamed has written the script for the movie that marks the directorial debut of cinematographer Shamdat. Besides acting, Mammootty has produced it under his banner Playhouse Motion Pictures. The film has been given a U certificate and has a runtime of 2.09 hours.

Street Lights story: The movie revolves around Crime Branch police officer James, who crosses paths with several people and encounters various thrilling events in a bid to solve a mystery. How he overcomes the hurdles and succeeds in his mission forms the crux of the story of Street Lights.

Analysis: Street Lights has a unique and interesting story, and Shamdat has nicely blended all the elements — like action, crime and humour. It is a complete package for the family audiences and the director manages to make it an edge-of-the-seat thriller, say viewers.

Performances: As usual, Mammootty has delivered an electrifying performance. He impresses you as a police officer once again after Kasaba. In fact, Street Lights is all the way his show. Lijomol Jose, Soubin Shahir, Hareesh Perumanna, Dharmajan Bolgatty, Joy Mathew, Sudhi Koppa, Neena Kurup, Adhish Praveen, Sohan Seenulal and Rajasekharan have also done justice to their roles, say moviegoers.

Technical: Street Lights has good production values and Adarsh Abraham's stunning background score, Sadat Sainudeen's beautiful picturisation and Manoj's brilliant editing are the attractions on the technical front, say filmgoers.

Street Lights review live updates: We bring you some filmgoers' verdict on the movie, shared on Twitter and Facebook. Continue read the audiences' responses to the film.

Muhammad Adhil‏ @urstrulyadhil

#StreetLights is a decent thriller with a fairly engaging writing and neat direction.Liked @mammukka 's energetic character which is the biggest plus.A bit of drag in 2nd haf is neutralized by good climatic portion.Shamdat is a director to be watched out for #StreetLights There were more scope for comedy surrounding Soubin, Hareesh, Dharmajan is later half but seems like the writer didn't want to deviate from the core plot.Had that been done, wud have been a safe bet in BO.

Sethumadhavan Napan‏ @Sethumadhavan

#StreetLights-surprisingly a pretty engaging thriller & way better than Mammootty's recent films. DOP Shamdat shows promise in his directorial debut. Nothing outstanding about the film, but makes for a pleasant watch at the cinemas.

Arjun‏ @ArjunAnandE

#StreetLights - Average movie, not upto the mark & engaging. Different story line & direction. Camera & BGM works are top notch, some scenes was superb. Climax fight is notable. Good performances from lead cast Soubin, Hareesh, stunt silva & lijomol 2.75/5

Prasad Mani‏ @Prasad4718

#StreetLights - went with low hype and expectations from this movie;came out much satisfied. @mammukka nailed it asusual it's a habit of him won't change. His screen(magic)presence has helped this movie immensely. Ikka starts 2018 with a bang... @Mammookka_boys @MammookkaBoys

Martin N Joseph‏ @mnj993

#StreetLights - Decent first half with some interesting moments and few counters from Hareesh - Dharmajan combo. Waiting for the thrilling investigative part in the second half. #StreetLights - A less engaging thriller in a template format. Rather than some impressive performances nothing new. Some few counters from Hareesh Kanaran - Dharmajan - Soubin Shahir combo. Not much impressed. ☹☹

Vishnu Menon‏ @vishnumenon06

Apart from some illogical scenes in second half... #Streetlights is one of the recent best thriller from #Mammookka .... Highlight is the screenplay.... Brilliant DOP !!

Jabeen‏ @jabeen_sh

#Mammootty / @mammukka s 2018 started off well with #Masterpiece & with #Streetlights it continues.His looks & glamour in it is #mass ! A #thriller movie but with comedians #soubin Harish Dharmajan its a laugh riot also. #FawazMohamed #Shamdat gave us a nice thriller

Breaking Movies‏ @BreakingViews4u

#StreetLights an above average thriller. The script had nothing that demanded the presence of somebody like @mammukka, was a cake walk for him. @silvastunt impressed in his debut outing in a full length role. Watch it if you have nothing else to do or wait for the DVD

Noushu Nasar@noushu.noushu

#StreetLights - A very good 1st half with Mammoottyy in Excellent Shape and Superb comedies from Harish-Dharmajan & Soubin.All elements worked well

PJ Arun Ngl‏ @PJ__Tweets

#StreetLights A neat n simple story.. engaging one.. all cast r did well n asusual mammukka wat a man he is.. Major plus is less expectations n less duration

Forum Keralam (FK)‏ @Forumkeralam1

#StreetLights @mammukka 's character is the main attraction for the movie who's presence lifts this small film to a good extent.Soubin-Dharmajan-Hareesh trio takes care of the fun part while Stun Shiva is fitting in his role. #StreetLights Dop is good and editing is adequate with the perfect length for a thriller. Production values could have been better, especially during the flashback portions of @mammukka #StreetLights Overall its a decent thriller which serves it purpose barring the few shortcomings in writing here and there.Last 15 mins or so is handled very well.

Zufi‏ @SuFidulQuerist

Good first half reports for #streetlights

Georgin Francis‏ @Georgin_francis

#StreetLights - A very good 1st half with Mammoottyy in Excellent Shape and Superb comedies from Harish-Dharmajan & Soubin.All elements worked well

Forum Reelz‏ @Forumreelz

#StreetLights : Intervel ~ A Good Entertaining First Half Good Combination Between Soubin and Harish Comedy's Worked Out Well. Good Responses Mammootty Only In Few Scenes If Second Half Goes Well,Another Hit For Megastar Loading

Snehasallapam‏ @snehasallapam

#StreetLights First Half > Slow type starting > @mammukka > Dharmagan & Hareesh comedies > Entered to thrilling Mood towards Interval Waiting For Second Half

Sam ir momz.. (DQ)‏ @iamSam_DQ

First Review From Manjeri: Freshness overloaded!! Padam Ushaar.. Not only mammookka each and every co-stars done a splendid Job.. Hats off Shamdatt @mammukka #StreetLights

Ajmal Kabeer dQ‏ @ajmalkabeer_

#Streetlights First Half ...Decent comedies, Soubin,Hareesh Kanaaran,Dharmajan #Megastar mass with few scenes...Waiting 4 2nd half. Watched #StreetLights This is a new attempt in malayalam industry. Liked the way director narrates the story.Connected the different stories in an extra ordinary way,especially 2nd half.@mammukka 's James Abraham rocked . #GoForStreetLights @MegastarAddicts @Forumkeralam1

Shamnad S Knply @ShamnadShmnad

@Mollywood_movie #StreetLights Good Entertaining First Half , Good Comedy, Good opening  #Mammootty

Miya George Fc‏ @Miya_George_Fc

#StreetLights Good engaging thriller.. Waiting for second half good comedy scenes.. @mammukka low hype is positive for the movie

Friday Matinee‏ @VRFridayMatinee

#StreetLights - A very good 1st half with @mammukka in Excellent Shape and Superb comedies from Harish-Dharmajan & Soubin.All elements worked well