Street Fighter V
There will not be a Super Street Fighter V, Capcom says.Capcom

Street Fighter V, a fighting video game developed by Capcom and Dimps, will not have any new variations.

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Capcom's Senior Product Manager Matt Dahlgren has confirmed that Street Fighter V is the only version that players will need to buy and that there will not be a Super Street Fighter V.

"We're always looking at how we can innovate on the series' model, while keeping an eye on how receptive fans would be to a new type of offering for a Street Fighter game. Street Fighter 5 innovated on the series' model by being a service-based platform, with earnable post launch content," Dahlgren told Eventhubs.

He also says that Street Fighter V will be the only game that players will need to have, and it will have all the game and balance updates for free.

This news has made Street Fighter V gamers happy as Capcom had annoyed owners of its previous games like Street Fighter 2, Street Fighter IV and Marvel vs Capcom 3. The company had released an additional variation of these games, but did not provide the new content to original titles.

Player feedback could have made Capcom turn its back into such re-releases.