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Stranger Things season 3 premiered earlier this week on Netflix and it brought back kids from Hawkins. The latest season also dealt with government conspiracies and how that small place is actually not safe for anyone to live. The climax, however, changed the entire story and it looks like Stranger Things season 4 will take us to Russia.

Major Spoilers ahead:

In Stranger Things season 3 last episode we saw how everyone tried their best to fight the beast who came out from The Upside Down. Eleven and her friends were busy fighting it in the mall, whereas Jim Hopper and Joyce were underneath the station where they fought off the Russians. In order to kill the beast and restore the peace, Joyce had to switch off the reactor. But when she did, Hopper couldn't make it out alive or as we all first thought. Moreover, we also saw how Eleven lost her incredible powers.

The post-credit scene features a dark and gloomy prison somewhere in Russia where two Russian guards are walking in a corridor. The first one tries to open a prison room for which the other officer says, "No...not the American." They then go on to open the other chamber from where they take out a Russian native and throws him as food for Demogorgon.

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"The American" part in that post-credit scene has made many to believe that Chief Office Jim Hopper is alive but is under some immediate danger as he might be the next in line to become Demogorgon's food.

So, if Jim Hopper is actually alive then when Netflix's Stranger Things season 4 will return next year, we might see how Eleven will go on a mission to save Jim Hopper. The forthcoming season, which reportedly is the last one, will start by showing how Eleven is hearing Hopper's voice and everyone around her will tell her that she is simply missing him. When she will concentrate hard enough, she might see him in a dark cell. When Eleven and her friends will go on a look for Jim Hopper, we might also get to see the return of her extraordinary powers.