The universe is expanding at a faster rate than previously calculated

The third edition of 'Stranger Things' was released by Netflix a few days back, and it is receiving positive reviews from audiences and critics. Very similar to the first two series, the third installment also portrays the adventurous journey of Eleven and her friends. The major part of the series talks about the existence of a parallel universe, popularly discussed among fans as a mirror world.

Now, in real life, Leah Broussard, a physicist at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee, is leading a team of researchers who are apparently conducting an experiment to confirm the presence of this parallel world. If this experiment becomes a success, it will confirm the existence of a parallel universe, and will also disprove the conventional physics theory surrounding this subject.

Leah Broussard, in this experiment, is actually trying to open a portal that will lead to a parallel world. The physicist is apparently planning to send a beam of subatomic particles down a 50-foot tunnel into an impenetrable wall. Broussard believes that some of these particles will transform into mirror images of themselves, and it may travel through the wall.

If the subatomic particles penetrate through the wall, it will be the first direct evidence of the existence of a parallel universe. As per Broussard, even a single mirror atom could signal the existence of a universe in another dimension, and it will also prove that the visible universe is only half of what is out there. The physicist also believes that the new experiment, if a success, will broaden the current laws of physics.

"It's pretty wacky. This is a pretty straightforward experiment that we cobbled together with parts we found lying around, using equipment and resources we already had available at Oak Ridge. If you discover something new, the game totally changes," said Broussard, NBC News reports.

This is not the first time that a top scientist is suggesting the possibility of a universe in a parallel dimension. Legendary physicist Stephen Hawking had several times talked about this, and he had hinted that there could be multiple universes and multiple worlds.