Mahika Sharma
Mahika Sharma speaks on World AIDS DAYPR Handout

On the occasion of World Aids Day, TV actress Mahika Sharma came up with some strong words. She urged people to stop having "unnatural sex", and also not be discriminatory towards victims of AIDS

Criticising the instances of goats and dogs being raped, Mahika said that such acts may spread the disease. She also spoke against the practice of anal sex.

"I have met many AIDS survivors and their story left me into tears. I really feel bad for them. They are discriminated in the society. It's really heart breaking. I really wish people stop having unnatural sex. There is no pleasure in ass fucking. There is a need to fight against the bacteria which infects our body through unnatural sex. These days we read about goats and dogs being raped, and when this people have sex with their partners, this may lead to HIV. Having claimed more than 35 million lives so far, HIV continues to be a major global public health issue. Make sure you enjoy safe sex or else have no sex at all. It's your life that's at stake. Also hate the disease, but not the diseased. Remember hugs and talks with a patient is safe, so you can easily do that. We should not just avoid them. They need us," Mahika said in a statement.

Earlier, Mahika had condemned the government's decision to ban porn sites in India. According to her, the decision would lead to more rapes in the country. She had opined that instead of banning porn, the government should take steps to make sex education popular in the country.