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    Stop Acid Attack Survivors: Women Human Rights Violence Art Awareness Campaign by Artist aleXsandro PalomboAleXsandro Palombo
  • Mulan
    Mulan as acid attack victim.AleXsandro Palombo
  • Jasmine
    Jasmine as acid attack victim.AleXsandro Palombo
  • Ariel
    Ariel as acid attack victim.AleXsandro Palombo

"Disney Princesses as Acid Attack Survivors" is to raise awareness towards the heinous crime of acid attack. The powerful campaign to hopefully "Stop Acid Attack", urges people to speak out and stand up for equality and end the atrocities against women. 

AleXsandro Palombo, an artist and activist in equal rights, is most famous for his satirical art and uses his talent to spread awareness about the ills of society. "My work poses questions and creates reflections concerning the importance of diversity and human rights and in this society there are many children with disabilities the same rights as others," Palombo explains to IBTimes India. 

Palombo believes that if every member of the society doesn't get outrageous enough to fight the culture of machoism, no woman will feel safe. Indifference is a huge sin in his dictionary and those that remain silent in the wake of atrocities against women are "cowards, monsters and criminals."

Even in the 21st century, stereotypes guarantee accreditation; while Disney fairy tales tell outdated stories that paint a very shallow picture of love and relationships, it is what the young girls grow up listening to, and Princesses are what most aspire to be.

"The woman is always there waiting for her Prince Charming and then do what, marry him? Stay at home without a role for emancipation but subordinate to her man forever?" asks Palombo.

It is time to enlighten the "Macho Reality"; the man is not always the "Prince Charming" and more often than not, he could be the very "Beast" you fear.

Acid attacks are generally inspired by revenge and the attackers just want to disfigure their victims. These attacks are most commonly seen in India, Pakistan, South America and the Middle East, resorted to, by lovesick hooligans or husbands with anger management issues and a cruel bone. 

However, it is now becoming a global issue, he says: "Many cases have also occurred in Europe. In Italy, a woman named Lucia Annibali was disfigured by acid, a woman I admire very much for her great strength and courage." 

Disfiguring a woman erases not only her identity, but also inflicts upon her, a never-ending pain, says the inspiring artist. He hopes that governments across the world will take tougher laws against the attackers.

He is merely a medium, an admirable one at that, among many others, who can and should educate and enlighten the new generation regarding sexual inequality. "We need to make them more aware and capable to fight harder inequality between the sexes," added Palombo.