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[Representational Image] Still facing cash crunch? Here's 5 ways to find nearest ATMs and banks with money. In Picture: People queue up outside an ATM in Bengaluru.IANS

It's been a little over a month since the Narendra Modi government announced the demonetisation of Rs 1,000 and Rs 500 notes, and despite the hard efforts of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), banks have run out of the new notes.

It has come to light that some corrupt bank managers, ATM cash dispenser agencies and even a RBI official, in lure of earning extra bucks, have reportedly connived with black money hoarders to convert their ill gotten wealth to white. And this is believed to be the prime reasons for cash crunch across country.

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As per latest reports, all the 2 lakh ATMs in the country have been re-calibrated to hold the new currency notes -- Rs 2,000 and Rs 500. However, they are unable to dispense money in several areas due to non-availability of cash.

To meet the increasing demand, the RBI has started three shifts in its note printing branches, including Mysuru, and has roped in the military to load and transport new notes across India.

Going by the recent reports, it might take some more weeks, if not months, for the RBI to satiate cash demand. In the meantime, people instead of wasting time in the queue can smartly locate ATMs and banks with money with just a phone or a PC at office/home.

Here's 5 ways to find the nearest ATMs and banks with cash:

1) CashNoCash: This is most popular application used by tech savvy people to find the ATMs with cash and it's simple interface makes it very easy for commoners to use, as well.

Just go to the on the browser (either on smartphone or PC) and just allow the app to access your location details or type-in the pin code details. The app will list all the nearby ATMs with cash.

[Note: ATM's cash status information is collected from real-time users' feedback]

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2) This is another crow sourced ATM finder, which details whether cash dispensing machine is in working condition or not. Interested readers can just go to and type the location of your area. The application will list all the working ATMs near you. You can also chip in by adding details if you know of any active ATM, as well.

3) CMS ATM Finder: This is most user friendly online tool to locate the ATMs nearby. It has simple interface. Once the user the goes to They just need to type the state and city details. It will list all the ATMs. If the user wants navigation details, they just need to tap the button –' Find on Map'.

4) Money View (by WhizDM): It's an application, which needs to be installed on smartphones to check for ATMs nearby. In addition to banks, Money View will also help you track Big Bazaar shops and petrol pumps, where mobile ATMs are installed. It also helps track your expenses, set and follow a budget and also alert user to pay bills on time, as well.

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5) Walnut (by ThumbsWorks Pvt. Ltd): This app is also similar to Money View. It will help you find ATMs with cash. What's more interesting aspect of Walnut is app is that, it will let you whether ATMs (in select areas) are having Rs 2,000 or Rs 500 or Rs 100 bills.

There are also other means to find just the ATMs near you. One simple mode is a Google search. Here, users just need to type 'ATM near me' on the search bar and it will show the ATMs on it Maps with navigation details. Users can also install Nearby app on their phones to trace the ATMs and banks.