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Steven Gerrard announced retirement from club football on Thursday and in the process, received plenty of reactions across Twitter from millions of football fans all over the world, who, we assure, are not only scousers! 19 years of football it was and call him a tragic hero or whatever, Gerrard can absolutely go down in history as one of the greatest footballers to have played.

From loyalty for Liverpool to scoring some jaw-dropping volleys and some embarrassing slips here and there, 'Stevie G', 36, has been one of the keys reasons 90s kids were so intrigued with Premier League football. There is a reason Liverpool FC's fan base have multiplied amazingly over the decades. Trust us, Gerrard remained the major hand on that!

We at International Business Times, India, pay a small tribute to the midfield maestro. And yes, these defining moments have made Gerrard the player he has been. An inspiration for many and a butt of ridicule too, for some accidental moments, we may say!

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FA Cup 2006 final: Liverpool played West Ham at the Millennium Stadium, Cardiff, on May 13. A total of six goals were scored and the game was locked 3-3 after the end of the regulatory 90 minutes.

Even extra time couldn't bring out a victor. Fortunately, the penalty shootouts do the job what football from open play can't! Liverpool won 3-1 on penalties. Yes, Gerrard scored! But why is he so famous for this match? Maybe the video could help!

Gerrard slip vs Chelsea: It was one moment which still keeps haunting Gerrard. It all happened on the fateful afternoon of April 27 as Liverpool closed in on their first English league title in 24 years, until Gerrard tumbled and opened up a huge hope for Demba Ba to score for Chelsea at the Anfield.

The Blues won the game and for the Reds, the Premier League title came close but soon faded to oblivion, yet again.

Gerrard's jerseys were burned, too: By Liverpool fans! Cannot believe it? We all know that the star midfielder showed utmost of loyalty to the Merseyside club by staying for a startling 28 years (including his youth career as well).

However, following Liverpool's UEFA Champions League 2005 win, Anfield fans got the shock of their lives as Gerrard revealed his desire to leave the club, turning down a new £100,000-a-week contract. Jose Mourinho's Chelsea, at that point, was believed to be his new found love. BBC reported that some Liverpool fans burnt the jerseys of the footballer outside the Shankly Gates at Anfield.

But, thankfully, following talks with Liverpool chief executive Rick Parry days later, Gerrard had a major change of mind.

Champions League 2005 final

Liverpool played AC Milan at the Atatürk Olympic Stadium, Instanbul, on May 25. The game was locked 3-3 after 90 minutes of play and a 3-2 advantage on penalty shootout gave Gerrard his one and only UEFA Champions League title.

Milan led 3-0 at half time but the Reds didn't give up. Gerrard scored the opening goal for Liverpool in the second half, and the rest was history! 

"I knew at half-time things would not be finished. You know Liverpool never give up and I knew Steven Gerrard as leader would ring the charge to get back in the game as soon as possible," Gerard Houllier, a former Liverpool coach, had mentioned after the match.

Relive the moments:

There are plenty of other moments and the list is unending. We're sure you do remember something special that made Gerrard the legend he is. Do comment your views below. We would love to hear!